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Remember when: a community review

May 1, 2002

10 years ago: May 6, 1992

The morning of Friday, May 1, saw all the Tonganoxie second-grade classes touring Fred and Martha Leimkuhler's 120-acre farm they call "Quaker View." The Leimkuhlers opened their farm some 10 years ago for use as classroom tours to help teach children about the earth and nature, and all those who have come and gone before on the land.

Teaching others what he knows and loves, saddle maker master craftsman: Article detailed the beautiful saddles and leather goods made by Bill Gomer of Jarbalo.

Pat Black and her collection of Zellner memorabilia on display at Tonganoxie library. Former owner, Pat Black, of the Zellner Mercantile Co., has graciously offered to share with the public her collection of memorabilia from Zellner Mercantile. Some of the items date back to 1895 when the store was operated by Mr. Frank Zoellner, the original owner.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Sam Garrison announce the birth of a daughter, Emily Marie, May 4, 1992; Mr. and Mrs. Mark Aye and daughter, Shannon Lee, Edwardsville, announce the birth of Mason Jeremy on April 30, 1992.

25 years ago: May 4, 1977

Former resident's first book published. "I still can't believe it's true," says Naomi Shaw, "that an unknown author was picked up by the first publisher she contacted." At the age of 72, Mrs. Shaw had her first book published, "Let the Hallelujahs Roll." William and Naomi Shaw operated the Tonganoxie grain elevator prior to 1965. They moved to the Ozarks in 1973. Two of their children, Leo Shaw and Rose Hummelgaard, still live in the Tonganoxie area.

Mrs. Benny "Bea" Bateson and son, Steve, entertained with a family dinner Saturday evening honoring the birthdays of Mr. and Mrs. John Bateson, Thad Rose, Bobby Edmonds, and the anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Edmonds.

Jarbalo: Jarbalo will be 94 years old on Monday, May 9. The town was platted by Isaiah Lowe and Manda Lowe.

50 years ago: May 15, 1952

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eibes of Tonganoxie announce the birth of a daughter, Joan Louise, born May 8, 1952; Mr. and Mrs. Darrel Smoots, McLouth, announce the birth of a son May 8, 1952; Mr. and Mrs. Chas. H. Staples, Lawrence, announce the birth of a son on May 20, 1952.

Oh, oh! The Charles Eibes and Darrel Smoots babies were born on Truman's birthday. We trust this is acceptable to the parents.

John L. Conrad, USN, has been advanced to teleman seaman at San Diego, where he is stationed.

75 years ago: April 28, 1927

"Grandma" Parsons died at Leavenworth Saturday: Mrs. J.M. Parsons, 74, died at Leavenworth April 23, following a stroke of paralysis.

Another pioneer of Tonganoxie is dead: C.A. Hubbel came to Tonganoxie when there were but two houses here. Cary Allen Hubbel, 71 years and 14 days, died April 22, 1927. (Mr. Hubbel's parents, Ezra and Rhoda Hubbel, with their family, came to Tonganoxie when one house was where Tonganoxie stands and the other home was on the slope of what is now known as Hubbel Hill, one mile west of this city. Ezra Hubbel was a pioneer preacher and the Hubbel Hill Cemetery, which crowns the high promontory west of town, was named after him.)

Guy Sharp and Ed Jeanquart went to Kansas City last Friday afternoon to purchase parts for the siren on the deputy sheriff's motorcycle.

Pleasant Valley: Miss Rhoda Wiley has been rehired to teach Pleasant Prairie School.

Jarbalo: Ben Perry Sr. has purchased herd of 300 goats and placed them on his farm.

Hoge: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Seymour were charivaried Saturday evening. About 150 were present. The crowd was served ice cream, cake, cigars and lemonade. After the treat, the crowd assembled to the old store building where they danced until a late hour.

Pleasant Prairie: A charivari and shower were given to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Burrough Friday evening at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Sam Haas.

100 years ago: May 8, 1902

The foundation for Henry's Toburen's new building is finished.

William Love has had his pension increased from $8 to $10 a month.

A blue racer snake was killed on Pleasant Street Saturday and was laid on its back. It rained within three days.

The spring census shows an increase of population in Tonganoxie. The city has 977 people and the total number in the township is 2,351.

Did you ever notice the side issues businessmen have? If not, take a glance around and see what is going on. One afternoon recently Frank Zoellner was hoeing away for dear life in his garden. The other evening, Mayor Laming was driving hogs and the porcine animals were as contrary as anybody else's. Earl Strickland during his idle moments tends to a flower garden back of his store.

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