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Schools recycling to add up points

May 1, 2002

Tonganoxie Elementary School is once again turning trash into profit.

The school is recycling ink cartridges and cell phones for Funding Factory, a recycling company that gives schools and businesses points for various goods in exchange for recycled materials.

Along with Tonganoxie Junior High School, the elementary school has a recycling bin for paper. The schools receive money for those products.

For the Funding Factory program, schools and businesses can either accumulate points toward various goods, or receive cash back. The point system is more profitable, as schools can work toward getting things such as a digital camera or a scanner. The scanner requires 40 points, while a camera is worth 140 points.

Playground and some sports equipment can also be redeemed through the program, but assistant principal Tammie George said the school's initial focus is acquiring equipment for teachers and students to use in the building.

George said the school needs a new printer and she expected that would be their first purchase. A printer runs about 55 points.

The school started its drive during the last week of March, although it's been recycling cartridges for about a year. With the current drive, when the recycling box is full of cartridges, it is shipped to Funding Factory, which is based in Erie, Pa. Funding Factory also pays for shipping. The school has sent in one box and it accumulated 12 points.

George said fliers have been sent out to businesses interested in dropping off their used cartridges or cell phones. Some parents have brought in cartridges as well.

"It's pretty easy," George said. "You save something you might normally throw away and you send it in and get credit for it."

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