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Cities locked in land dispute

Leavenworth, Lansing want to annex same property

May 8, 2002

The cities of Lansing and Leavenworth are gearing up for a land dispute.

Currently, Leavenworth County commissioners are being asked to consider whether several hundred acres south of Eisenhower Road should be annexed into the city of Leavenworth or into Lansing.

On Monday, the county considered the first of many annexation requests. And this time, the three commissioners sided with the city of Leavenworth. That's because, Commissioner Don Navinsky said, the two cities had signed an agreement in 1989 that anticipated this very problem.

"We basically said that agreement superceded everything else, that it took precedence," Navinsky said. "Years ago, the city councils already determined there could be a problem, and they made that agreement so there wouldn't be any problem."

Even though the city of Lansing in 1990 adopted a resolution stating it no longer wanted to be held to that agreement, the document itself states that the pact can be terminated only if both cities agree.

"There was no evidence that both parties pulled out," Navinsky said.

This dispute centers on property at 15675 Eisenhower Road.

The property owners, Lance and Jeannette Lozenski, had asked to be annexed into Lansing.

But Leavenworth is interested in the land, too.

The county commission must rule on voluntary annexation requests not contiguous with the annexing city.

Although commissioners unanimously ruled in favor of Leavenworth on Monday, Navinsky said he suspects the dispute is not over.

"I've got a feeling it will go into court and be challenged," he said.

And on May 16, the commission will consider the fate of numerous other properties.

"There are 15 more coming before us on this same issue," Navinsky said.

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