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Letter: Questions about fire department

May 22, 2002

To the editor:

In regard to the city council voting to have Butch Rogers as our new fire chief, I have some questions I would like answered.

How can Pat Albert vote on anything concerning the fire department? We all know that he was one of the firefighters asking for Charlie's resignation. Isn't this a direct conflict of interest? How can John Franiuk sit on council and allow it? Come on.

Is city council once again trying to do things whether or not it's correct to get their own way on matters? I'm not saying the decision to oust Charlie was wrong, but the way city council did it is wrong.

Also why is our new fire chief able to live out of town? Personally I don't like having a fire chief who doesn't live in the city. If a fire occurs on weekdays, is he going to leave his paid city shop manager position to do this other job? Also how can he have the town's best interest at heart if he does not have to fear losing his home to a fire? Also why didn't you make one of the other firefighters the chief? They already have the experience. I realize the mayor said this would be temporary, but I don't understand why the mayor didn't get someone who is already a firefighter to even supervise temporarily? Is the city paying Butch two salaries? Next thing I know you are going to have the Police chief as the new dogcatcher. I will be so glad when re-election comes around because these two (Pat Albert and John Franiuk) have lost not only my vote but also several others. I am really tired of city council bending the rules and just flat ignoring policy to do what they want and ignoring what the people want.

Rita Williams,

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