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Veterans deserve our grateful thanks

November 13, 2002

Nobody knows the terrors of war as well as one who has been there. Harrowing stories emerge when talking to veterans images we'd prefer not to think about. In our civilized world, the cruelties of war should not happen but they do and likely will continue.

World War II veterans are dying at the rate of about 1,000 a day. They, as well as those who fought in other wars, risked their lives for all of us. Yet some of them started with no more connection to the war than most of us have they were pulled from jobs, from school, from families and communities. They were put on foreign soil to fight a war, to risk their lives and to give their lives if it came to that.

It's too late to thank the ones who didn't make it back, or those who have died since. But it's not to late to thank the ones who remain.

Pick up the phone, cross the street, write a letter, say hello and thanks for what you've done.

Do it before it's too late.

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