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Letter: Time for a professional approach

October 23, 2002

It is long past time for Leavenworth County to hire a professional county administrator. The Leavenworth County Commission has shown time and again that they cannot effectively and efficiently manage a business with over 350 employees and a $38 million budget. The Leavenworth County Commission mismanaged the Leavenworth County Infirmary to the point where the public subsidy of the County Infirmary increased 71 percent to $816,374 in 2001. Leavenworth County Commission mismanagement of the Emergency Medical Services resulted in an $80,000 payment for back wages. Leavenworth County Commission mismanagement also resulted in a property tax increase to pay an insurance claim because the County Commission dropped insurance coverage before the county's self-insurance program was adequately funded.

A professional will help manage the county's business so costly mistakes like these are not repeated.

David A. Greenamyre,


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