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Shouts and Murmurs: Happenings from here to there

April 9, 2003

Saturday my son selected a case for a banjo and some smaller supplies at a Johnson County music store. The owner asked if he could stash the small items inside the banjo case, instead of wasting a sack. His daughter, he said, was a recycling advocate and hated to see plastic bags used when unnecessary.

After I wrote my check, the store owner looked at my driver's license, noted the "DONOR" designation and said, "Thanks for a being an organ donor."

That brought to mind how neat it is that the younger generation seems to be so set in their recycling habits -- much more so perhaps than some of their predecessors. I must admit feeling a momentary twinge of guilt about the plastic milk jugs and Styrofoam cups tossed into the Dumpster that morning.

But then the thought occurred to me that people who designate on their driver's licenses that they want to be organ donors are, or someday could be, devout recyclers. After all, isn't organ donating the ultimate in recycling?


People are amazing. The six members of the Happy Helpers 4-H Club's care package committee, pictured on page 5A, have organized to put together and send 750 care packages to service men and women overseas.

This is a large feat for one 4-H club. And, it's a thoughtful gesture on the part of the youths.

Surprising-ly, according to club members, some of the most re-quested snack items are tangy sweets, such as Skittles, Starburst and Jolly Ranchers.

Not only are the members and their families putting up collection boxes at area grocery stores, they've also set aside a night to make pillowcases. Pat Bailey, leader, said they've heard that those in the military would appreciate new pillowcases.

So the club's goal is for each care package to include a new pillowcase. The bulk of the pillowcases sewn during a May 2 lock-in at the fairgrounds.

Happy Helpers members have invited 4-H groups throughout the county to participate in the fun as they spend the night sewing pillowcases.

Other clubs or individuals who want to help are welcome to bring their sewing machines and come on out. For more information on how you can help, or to donate fabric or other supplies, call the Baileys at (913) 351-3449.


Paula Prosser sang like a pro Wednesday on Star Search. Fortunately, Fred's computer was online, so I ran in to place my vote. That's when I learned that on Star Search, you must vote for both contestants. Each has a 1 to 5 rating. I clicked on 5 for Paula and on 1 for her competitor and submitted my ballot. Fred then tried to vote, but the voting was closed. We had not realized there is only a four-minute window to vote, and apparently it begins immediately after the performances end.

Paula's opponent received a couple more points than she, making him the winner. But Paula, who is 14, received great reviews from the four judges, including Namoi Judd's comment that Paula was talented enough to open for Wynona Judd the next night.

Paula may have lost the Star Search competition by a couple of points, but we all know she's a winner. She has been a winner all her life and she will continue to be a winner. Keep up the great work, Paula, and remember -- your hometown is behind you all the way.

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