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Shouts and Murmurs: Home’s the place you want to be

April 23, 2003

Home for all creatures, and home for all people, is different.

For every town, place or country in this world there's been someone wanting to leave that place as much as someone else has wanted to go to it.

Take last week's KU basketball switcharoo.

Roy Williams risked the affection of his Kansas players, university and fans when he opted to return to the University of North Carolina, his alma mater and the college that opened his door to coaching fame.

And at nearly the same time, the University of Illinois basketball coach, Bill Self, risked the ire of his players, university and fans when he made the move to come back to Kansas University, where he had made his start in coaching.

Both were welcomed in their respective new, yet old and warmly familiar, states with open arms.

We've often this past week, in respect to these coaches, heard the worn phrase: "You can't go home again."

But perhaps, when someone returns a hero, and especially when they're willing to pick up the reins of a popular basketball team, going home is a sweet possibility.

Personally, I agree with Self: His new coaching position in Kansas is a destination job.

Not that Kansas is perfect -- it's just that to those of us who have been "Kansas-ized," whether by birth or by inclination, it's the only place to be.


Last week, a neighboring metropolitan daily newspaper carried adjacent front page headlines that were jarring. On the top of the left-hand column was a story about Kansas City, Kan., parents charged with murder of their adopted son. Next to that was a three-column-wide photo of an Iraqi mother comforting her bandaged-covered young son who had been nearly killed when a bomb fell in the family's garden.

Sometimes, it's all too obvious that we live in a world of ambiguity.


The power of nature is impressive. One might think, that with the area moving into spring at least 15 inches short of the average annual rainfall, that plants might have suffered. First there was the dry summer, and then the dry winter. The plants did suffer last summer and by August it looked as if the perennials might not be around the next year. But as soon as springtime arrived, the plants started popping up out of the ground. Last weekend's two inches of rain was just what we needed, but it will take many more rains before area ponds start filling up again. The weather forecasters predict more showers later this week.


The situation in Iraq, although less frightful than a month ago, isn't over yet. The Tonganoxie area still has servicemen from here who expect to be sent to Iraq any day now. Last week, Tonganoxie Elementary School's first-graders marched to the post office, proudly lugging six care packages the students have put together for relatives who are serving overseas. Included in the boxes are handwritten letters from each of the students. The yellow ribbons displayed around town still hold true -- although the war's pace has de-escalated, by our actions and our thoughts and prayers, we have not forgotten those who are serving their, and our, country.

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