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State lake targeted by vandals

April 23, 2003

At the Leavenworth State Fishing Lake, everyone's been catching a lot of crappie, said Larry Lentz, manager.

If only they could catch the vandals, too.

Between Friday afternoon and Monday morning, someone pounded stones from a fireplace in one of the park's two shelter houses.

The vandalism left a one-foot-square gaping hole in the front of the fireplace, making the fireplace, until it can be repaired, unusable.

Unfortunately, said Lentz, the state doesn't have much money to pay for repairs caused by vandalism. He fears the vandalism could continue.

"They're going to keep doing this and we're not going to be able to afford to fix them, so we'll probably have to tear them down," Lentz said. "It's not right to let some hoodlums dictate our policies."

A year ago, vandals tore into the same shelter house, which is located on a hill above the west bank of the 165-acre fishing lake. At that time, someone tore the top off a side wall and knocked out the stones that supported it. Though Lentz repaired the estimated $2,000 worth of damage himself, the destruction's scars remain.

The shelter houses are heavily used about nine months of the year.

"There's usually someone picnicking here and I'm getting requests to reserve them for different groups all summer," Lentz said.

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