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Agreement ironed out on sewer lift station

December 3, 2003

Upgrades will be made to a sewer lift station on Sandusky Drive.

When that will happen still is unclear.

The current lift station, which serves Stone Creek Subdivision, has been a topic of discussion at several recent city council meetings.

On Nov. 24, the council unanimously approved a payment breakdown for lift station renovations.

Gary Ditty, on behalf of developer Jack Willis, and Brian Kingsley, the city's engineering consultant, have discussed reasons to improve the station and who should pay for what.

Willis would like to connect sewer lines from his north Tonganoxie developments, Jackson Heights and Willow Point, to the current lift station.

At last week's meeting, city council members agreed:

  • To divide the cost of a $40,000 generator, with the city paying $22,000 and the developer $18,000.
  • The city would finance an upgrade in the sewer main from 10 inches to 15 inches, at a cost of $135,000.
  • Willis would pay for the pump assembly upgrade ($48,000) and the wet-well enlargement ($45,000).

When renovations are made depends on population growth in those areas, but a plan has been put in place for if and when that happens.

"It's really a money issue and a timing issue," Ditty said. "He's just asking the city to treat him fairly."

Council member Ron Cranor said planning for sewer renovations, which might not happen for another five to seven years, was important.

"We don't need to do something that we don't need today," Cranor said "However, we need to save money for the future."

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