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February 5, 2003

10 years ago: Feb. 3, 1993

Jarbalo Jottings: On Sunday, John and Evie Stiglmire took George and Mildred Stiglmire to Mrs. Peter's to eat in honor of George and Mildred's 64th wedding anniversary.

Prudence Meek, formerly of Tonganoxie, now of Portland, Ore., celebrated her 95th birthday on Jan. 4 and was very pleased to receive cards and letters from her friends in the Tonganoxie area.

Cushing Memorial Hospital Auxiliary is offering six scholarships in the nursing and medical fields for people just entering college or continuing their education.

Harold and Aileen Denholm arrived home Friday after having spent most of the week with his brother, Bill Denholm and his wife, Geneva, at their home in Manhattan. Bill has been home now for several weeks, after having been hospitalized in Topeka. He seems to be improving, although it's a slow process.

(Picture) Theda Stone with the Valentine items she has on display at Tonganoxie Library.

25 years ago: Feb. 1, 1978

Fire again struck the Tonganoxie area. Last week, a flue fire in the fireplace of the McGraw home north of Tonganoxie sent an alarm to the fire department but caused no serious damage. The rural home of Dave Gibbons, Bonner Springs, was not as fortunate. It was completely engulfed in flames when firemen arrived at the scene.

McLouth News: Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Smelser and family honored her father, Walter Heywood, Linwood, with a birthday dinner Sunday.

Linwood News: Mr. and Mrs. Norman Montgomery visited Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Montgomery and family Jan. 22 and made the acquaintance of their new granddaughter, Mary Catherine, born Jan. 15.

Miss Angela Lenahan was a page at the House or Representatives at the state capitol in Topeka on Jan. 25 while they were in session.

Mrs. Violet Somers will hold open house on Feb. 5 to celebrate her 91st birthday.

50 years ago: Feb. 12, 1953

Mr. and Mrs Orlin Smith of Tonganoxie, are the parents of a son, born Tuesday.

The old saw about present-day high school kids not being able to spell is simmering down to a contest at Bonner Springs where the Rotary club is giving it a boost. At first, no adults were willing to go into an actual spelling contest with the high school kids. Now, three men's teams and several ladies have tackled it, and an elimination contest will be held. Prize money totaling $150 has been put up.

Linwood: The 4-H Club has finished its project of placing name markers at the corners of each street in town.

75 years ago: Jan. 26, 1928

DeSoto: Solomon Coker, 98, formerly widely known as a "boss" of wagon trains operating between Westport, Mo., and Santa Fe., N.M., in pioneer days, died at his home here last night. Coker was known in earlier days as a man with fists and banter, a man whose arm muscles taxed his sleeves and man who knew no fear. Some of his relatives contend he was 100 years old, but his age generally was accepted as 98. When he was 20 years old, he became boss of a wagon train consisting of 40 wagons.

John M. Newlin, a former resident of Tonganoxie, died early Sunday morning at his home in Lawrence. (Mr. Newlin, with several brothers, traveled overland to Kansas in 1867 and homesteaded close to the Delaware Indian reservation near Tonganoxie.)

High School Notes: The penmanship students are striving to acquire correct arm movement.

Linwood, Route 2: Sam Haas sold his milk route to Elmo Blackwell of Tonganoxie.

Linwood, Route 2: Hugo Fleishan butchered hogs last Saturday. P.S. His neighbors are enjoying the fresh meat.

Les McKeehen: "I will be 46 years old next Saturday, and I am still sleeping in the house I was born in."

Stranger: Mr. and Mrs. N.G. Walters entertained with a family dinner Sunday in honor of Mr. Walter's 52nd birthday anniversary.

Hoge: Mr. and Mrs. Carl Seymour announce the birth of a son Jan. 23. They gave him the name of William Carl Seymour.

100 years ago: Feb. 5, 1903

On Saturday evening, Jan. 31, 1903, the death angel entered the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Peck of this village and claimed for his own their youngest born, Mary Lucile, age 2 years, 5 months and 22 days.

Bert Gress and Will Loomis of Stranger have had telephones put in lately and are now on the Tonganoxie system.

Now that Lindley Cook has recovered from the effects of his frightful accident by being felled by a falling tree limb, his wife has been taken sick and is quite low.

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