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Letters: Praise for debaters and coach, Duplicating businesses

February 12, 2003

Praise for debaters and coach

To the editor:

I realize this is old news to the citizens of Tonganoxie, but I wanted to join with those in congratulating the Tonganoxie Debate Team and their terrific coach Steve Harrell who once again smashed the competition at the State Debate Tournament held in Kansas City this past month.

This was the fifth consecutive year for THS to win the prestigious 4-Speaker Championship. I have lost track of the number of trophies and championships they have won in the equally tough two-speaker State Debate Tournament.

What the team did this year is nothing short of incredible. If debate were NASCAR they would be Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jeff Gordon combined!

I know how proud the school and community must be of these very talented young men and women. In Steve Harrell, THS has the best speech coach in the state. His wife, Cathy, has supported the coach and team tirelessly for many years and she is no small part of their success.

Finally, congratulations are in order for the Tonganoxie parents and community who have supported the debate and speech programs at THS. Because of this team effort, the state and nation know that Tonganoxie High School is synonymous with excellence in debate and speech.

Ken Church,

Lansing High School speech coach.

Duplicating businesses

To the editor:

City Hall is excited about having three new businesses in Tonganoxie. A fourth business has not yet been named.

This is just duplicating businesses that have been established for many years in the downtown area. There are three video stores, a laundromat and a variety store.

It would serve a better purpose to entice different types of businesses to make our city better equipped to serve the needs of our citizens. I think we should take care of our own people. Keep the money in town, not let someone else take the money and go.

With the three proposed businesses, it makes one wonder if this is not a way to punish the three who are at odds with City Hall. I'm sure the Chamber of Commerce has a plan for highway development.

I would like to read in The Mirror their proposal and what tax breaks the retail center is getting. Then the entire city will know their position.

Dee Stone,


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