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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

February 19, 2003

Tilde Chavez is a busy full-time nurse at a local hospital. She is a mom and a grandmother. She is now also taking sewing lessons. There seems to be no stopping her. "I always wanted to learn to sew. Now the family is grown, one day I decided this is it and signed up for sewing lesson. Right now I'm making a pair of slacks. I used to watch my grandmother sew on her old treadle machine," adding, "Would you believe it's still sewing a perfect seam." She wants to make shirts for her grandsons soon.

She loves nursing too, and her patients love her. She breezes into their room with that beautiful smile and contagious attitude. One has the feeling she has that talent for putting her whole self into whatever she's doing at the moment. She's a very caring person.

So let Tilde "turn you on" so to speak. You've always wished you could sew. You can you know. Thread a needle, sew on a button, mend that ripped out seam. Many of your friends who sew will be glad to help you. Or just sign up for a class. Shops that sell machines have classes and you don't always have to buy a machine. There are many ways to get started. Good used sewing machines are not that hard to find, and shops selling machines usually have very good used ones for sale. New ones can be very expensive until you really know for sure. Just don't give up.

God bless for now. See you later, Aunt Norie, P. O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086.

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