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Remember when: a community review

February 26, 2003

10 years ago: Feb. 24, 1993

Birth: Lynn and Rory Reynolds of Pleasant View, Utah, announce the birth of a son, Clay Austin, born Jan. 22, 1993.

McLouth News: McLouth and surrounding areas were saddened by the sudden death of Mabel McPherson.

If you haven't noticed Betty Stephenson's face behind the center counter at the First State Bank, you are right. She has joined the ranks of the retired personnel. (Mrs. Stephenson worked at the bank for 27 years.)

Spec. Carl M. Lingenfelser has completed a U.S. Army primary leadership course.

Mr. William "Bill" Denholm, formerly of Tonganoxie, now living in Manhattan, was elected to the office of potentate of Isis Shrine Temple at their annual meeting and election on Friday, Jan. 15, 1993.

25 years ago: Feb. 22, 1978

The first annual Chieftain Singers Night will be March 6, in the high school auditorium. This special concert features the vocal talents of five seniors, seven juniors, and four sophomores.

Springdale News: Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Tullis are the grandparents of a baby girl, born Friday, Feb. 10, to Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hutchison of Detroit, Mich.

Eudora Nursing Center News: The center expresses their sympathy to Bertha McGraw and family in the death of her son, John McGraw, and rejoices with the birth of a great-great-granddaughter of Mrs. Bessie Schenck.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Steven F. Hughes announce the birth of a daughter, Amy Elizabeth, Feb. 16.

The children of Bob and Darlene Overbaugh plan a reception to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary on Feb. 26, at Leavenworth Mutual community room.

50 years ago: March 5, 1953

Linwood: Mrs. Harry Turner has received word of the death of her mother, Mrs. Mary Lisk of Bellfast, North Ireland.

Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clark will observe their 55th wedding anniversary at the home at McLouth, Sunday. They are the parents of Mrs. Alton Grems of Tonganoxie.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. Roy Peterson of Tonganoxie are the parents of a son, William C., born Sunday; Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cronemeyer announce the birth of their daughter, Patricia Anne Feb. 22, 1953; Mr. and Mrs. James Davoren, Jr., announce the arrival of their daughter Feb. 22; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lallier Leavenworth, announce the birth of their son, Steven Edward, on Feb. 26, 1953.

Stranger Valley Echoes: We can't see the justice in seizure of one man's land to build a dam for protection of another man who has built and foolishly rebuilt in the path of natural disaster that perhaps can never be controlled. Leavenworth Times.

The Weekly News Reel: The army is reported to have spent $400,000 trying to make a gun that will shoot around corners. They ought to ask a 16-year-old driver with a car. He can do it.

75 years ago: Feb. 16, 1928

Funeral services for Mrs. D E. Wiley who passed away Tuesday night will be held Saturday afternoon at 2:00 in the Friends Church.

Mound: Mr. and Mrs. John Conrad announce the arrival of a 6-pound boy on Feb. 11, 1928.

Hoge: George Seymour, little son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Seymour, has had quite a siege with the whooping cough.

Stanwood: The annual wood-sawing was held at the church, here, last Saturday. The men of the neighborhood donated the wood, and Mr. Mose Halliday did the sawing. The ladies took filled dinner baskets, and a real feast was enjoyed at the noon hour.

Mrs. Fred Angell entertained on Thursday evening in honor of her son Freddie's ninth birthday. Twelve little boy friends and school mates of Freddie were invited and all enjoyed out door games.

Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Rumsey were guests at a surprise party Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Rumsey in Lawrence. The occasion being the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. John Rumsey, a surprise was given them by their daughter, Erma.

100 years ago: Feb. 26, 1903

Friends paid their last tribute of respect to Miss Elnora Morris last Friday afternoon. Touching funeral services were held in the Friends church by Rev. Maudlin, and the six who officiated as pallbearers were ladies.

Dr. Coe reports a new boy at Al Bernall's on Fifth Street.

Alex Bruce did some papering in the Catholic church this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Fred Papenhausen, of Stranger, were in Leavenworth Sunday to attend the christening of a niece, a daughter of Mrs. Jackson who was formerly Miss Rosa Jahn of this place.

The new telephone cards just issued contain 141 names, a marked increase over the issue before it. An error in the cards makes No. 12 J. W. Ratliff's residence instead of his drug store. There are several orders ahead given by parties whose names do not appear on the card.

Charles Carver was taken ill with acute Bright's disease last week, and after lingering but a few days passed away. The final summons came last Saturday evening, at the home of his brother-in-law E. H. Cox.

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