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Letters: Thanks for helping seniors; Matter of opinion; Tonganoxie jewel

January 15, 2003

Thanks for helping seniors

To the editor:

This is coming a little late but with no less appreciation, for the donations from local merchants and banks which have provided a measure of Christmas cheer and fun for the many members of the Riford Center Senior's Club.

Much credit goes to Mark Zerrer for his interaction with our business community to participate in bringing Christmas cheer to so many senior citizens. This past year, Mark, his wife, Debbie, and children helped in the "lottery" of gift distribution.

Thanks, Mark, and all you businesses that have helped to remind us of the gift of love through Christ.

George Cooper,

It's a matter of opinion

To the editor:

It will soon be time for Tongie Days. I understand this event will be held downtown. Last year this event was held at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds. Several of the downtown business owners and numerous other taxpaying citizens felt that they had been in great part responsible for the move. There had been a petition signed by the above and delivered to the Chamber of Commerce requesting that Tongie Days be held at the fairgrounds. This location seemed most fair and responsible for all involved.

Vendors would have more space to display their wares, easier loading and unloading, access to water and restrooms; parking is unlimited, etc. etc. etc.

The citizens who signed this petition also felt this location would benefit those who conduct permanent businesses downtown. Disregarding the opinion of the city residents is nothing new -- after all this was just a petition. We had the expense of a special election resulting in a clear vote to require the city clerk to live in the city. The result of this election was ignored. The city just created a new position and title for the employee. There have been many other incidents proving a lack of regard for public opinion so this recent decision should not come as a shock but it will definitely be an inconvenience.

Don't let disregard of public opinion by the present city operatives discourage you from voting. We have to keep trying.

Roger Shilling,

A jewel in downtown Tonganoxie

To the editor:

Last week was John Lenahan's birthday. That knowledge got us to thinking about the kind of store he has.

A few years ago we were "blessed" with a stray dog that is some type of water dog. He kept trying and trying to swim in his water dish. So we went to Lenahan's Hardware and asked if he remembered those old round galvanized tubs people used to use for laundry. John Lenahan said, "Yes I do."

I asked, "Do you have any idea where we could still get one?"

He grinned and said, "What size do you want?"

He had three different sizes of those tubs.

Phil and Betty Stevens,

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