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County turns thumbs down on liquor

July 23, 2003

Rural areas of Leavenworth County will remain dry on Sundays.

This week, Leavenworth County commissioners, on a 2-1 vote, decided against a proposal that would allow stores to sell alcohol on Sundays.

Commissioners Don Navinsky and Joe Daniels voted against Sunday sales, while commissioner Bob Adams voted for the proposal, citing the county was losing tax revenue to Wyandotte County and stores in Missouri where Sunday sales are legal.

But according to Tonganoxie City Administrator Shane Krull, at least for the city, Sunday sales at liquor stores wouldn't solve any financial problems because all taxes collected on those sales go to the state.

The Tonganoxie city council has entertained the Sunday sales idea twice.

When the proposal first was addressed, Tonganoxie residents spoke against the concept and discussion among council members was minimal.

The county commission later sent a letter to the council asking for input on county sales. During the July 14 meeting, council members were split on the idea.

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