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Tonganoxie teenager to sing at Country Showdown

June 4, 2003

Joey Glenn has her mind set.

"One day I'm going to be at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater singing for everybody in my hometown and I'll say, 'Look Mom, I made it,'" said Glenn.

It may be a little soon for the 15-year-old Tonganoxie High School student to hit the big stage in Wyandotte County. But she does have another venue coming up soon.

On June 13, Glenn will participate in the Colgate Country Showdown in Nevada, Mo.

This is part of a nationwide network of shows, said Glenn's mother, Judy Glenn.

"If she wins that night, we'll move on to a bigger regional in a different area and she'll complete against the winners of the different area," Judy Glenn said. "There's three steps and the finals will be on TV from Walt Disney World."

To qualify for the competition, Joey submitted a recording of her singing a Faith Hill song, "You Can't Lose Me."

Joey has wide blue eyes so deep in color that they can be mistaken for brown. Her cheeks dimple as she grins and her blond ponytail swings when she turns her head. When she's not indulging in her passion for music, she's likely to be found on the basketball court or baseball field.

And when she's singing on a stage, there's nowhere else on earth that she would rather be.

"It's like when I'm up on stage everything just goes away and it's just me and my music," Glenn said. "It's cool."

She pauses in thought, searching for words.

"It's something I've never really experienced before," Glenn said. "If I got into a fight before a performance, I'd get up on stage and forget about it. I forget that I'm angry, I forget that I'm sad, I forget everything. It's just me and the music and I'm entertaining people."

Joey, who has never had a voice lesson, credits her parents with teaching her to sing.

"I loved singing and I knew at 3 that I had a talent for it," Joey said. "Dad plays guitar and we sing all the time."

Both her parents, Judy and Jim, each play five musical instruments.

It was just last week that Joey received a letter inviting her to participate in the Nevada show.

Joey pretended to be holding an envelope as she told about receiving the letter in the mail.

"She opened it up and the first word she saw was 'Congratulations' and she started screaming," Judy said.

Joey stretched both arms in the air, flashed a dimpled smile, and added, "I went 'Yea!'"

The Colgate Country Showdown could be an open door, she said.

"I do know that Martina McBride, Billy Ray Cyrus, John Michael Montgomery and Neil McCoy all with through this," Joey said. "And look where they are now."

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