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June 25, 2003

10 years ago: June 16, 1993
Tom Nickels of Kingsville, Mo., was declared the winner of the horse pull contest held in conjunction with Tonganoxie Days. His team, which weighed 3,460 pounds, pulled 9,600 pounds a total of 14 feet, five inches.
Dorothy and Ed hunter will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday June 19 with an open house at their home.
Ivan and Mary Ann Theroff were married on June 20, 1953. In honor of their 40th anniversary, their children would like to invite friends and relatives to join them at a celebration at the McLouth Community Center on June 20.
Births: Bill and Jan Jones of Tonganoxie announce the birth of their son, Weston Walker, on June 5, 1993; Katherine R. Frick, is proud to announce the birth of her son, Jacob Michael, June 3, 1993.
Deaths: Viola Marie Saffell, 97, died June 7 1993, in Kansas City Kan.; Bess Caldwell LeSuer, 98, Tonganoxie, died June 9,1993; Durand W. "D.W." Guinn, 72, Lawrence died June 13, 1993; Virginia M. Schafer, 70, died June 7, 1993, in St. John Hospital in Leavenworth; Grace Paulina Moore, 96, McLouth, died June 7, 1993.
Springdale Scene: Relatives and friends of the Springdale area are saddened by the death of Floy Alida Davis. She had a long illness, and leaves her husband, Ira Davis, of the home.

25 years ago: June 14, 1978
Birth: Mr. & Mrs. Davis L. Barncord Jr., of Tonganoxie, announce the birth of their son, Christopher Andrew, June 2, 1978.
An open house celebration was held Saturday at the Masonic Hall in honor of Mr. and Mrs. James W. Drake's 50th wedding anniversary.
Deaths: Charles Price Vining, Tonganoxie, passed away June 8, 1978, at the age of 70 years: Richard Wayne Ogden, Overland Park, passed away June 8, 1978, at the age of 23 years; Peggy Jane Meek Getz, age 57, passed away May 27, 1978 in Tucson, Ariz.; James Endriss Farrell, 80, Lee's Summit, died June 11, 1978.
Eugene Ludwig Wentz, Tonganoxie, emerged as the grand champion of the first annual Kansas Truck Roadeo held June 3 at Salina Airport. Wentz, a driver for Idea Truck Lines competing in his first Kansas Roadeo, was the winner of the five-axle van class.
Linwood News: The community is sad to hear of the death of Wendell P. Quinlan, 84, who passed away June 5 at the home near Linwood.
McLouth News: Mr. and Mrs. Ray Shoemaker celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary with their family in attendance.

50 years ago: June 25, 1953
Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Walter George announce the birth of their daughter, Sheila Ann, June 20, 1953.
Merle Black, who has been stationed at Naples, Italy returned to his home on Staten Island, New York recently. Merle was in the navy.
A reunion of the descendants of August and Henrietta Lange, early day Leavenworth County residents, was held June 21 at Tonganoxie State Lake. One hundred twenty-three members of the family gathered for a day of family and renewing acquaintances.
Linwood: The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Basel died June 18, 1953.
Pfc. George E. Mills was one of 56 Kansans who arrived in San Francisco from Korea on the transport Gen. M.C. Meigs.
Mr. and Mrs. Edw. D. Shilling will hold open house at their home one mile north of town June 28th in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary.
The only reason most American families don't own an elephant is because they have never been offered one for a dollar down and a dollar a week.
Basehor: Mr. and Mrs. George Mapes announce the birth of a girl June 18.

75 years ago: June 18, 1903
Mr. and Mrs. N.G. Walters and daughter, Mrs. Hans Freienmuth, returned Tuesday afternoon from Sabetha, Kan., where they attended the funeral of Mrs. Walter's sister-in-law, Mrs. A. L. Adams, held Sunday.
Mound: John Conrad had the misfortune last week while pulling posts, to get his hand badly hurt. While pulling posts with his team and rope, the team started up, caught his hand in the rope and hurt three fingers.
Mound: Mr. and Mrs. Abner Weeks announce the birth of a son.
A glorious tale of adventurous love on the wild open pampas " Douglas Fairbanks in The Gaucho." At the Royal Monday and Tuesday. (Ad.)
Lee Freeman has several hundred zinnia plants that he is going to have to thin out and throw away. Here's your chance to transplant some of these if you care for them.
Robert Rawlings, once of Hiawatha, now has a prosperous produce buying business at Tonganoxie. He buys poultry, eggs and cream. He does a gross business of $80,000 to $100,000 a year. Hiawatha World.
Jarbalo: R. Lollar traded his Ford touring for a Ford Roadster.
Jarbalo: Mr. Luther Vigus is building a new garage where the old garage and blacksmith shop were formerly located.

100 years ago: June 18, 1903
Henry Simpson, one of the pioneers of this township, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. T.W. Shockley in Fairmont, Sunday evening at 10:15, from the shock of being forced to move away from the high waters at Armourdale. Henry Daniel Simpson was born in Frankstown, Ky., June 16, 1828, lacking but two days of finishing 75 years. ( Mr. Simpson had to be moved four different times to get out of the water's reach.)
All code books carried in warships have leaden backs, to make them sink should the vessel be wrecked.
Seven-year-old George McWilliams tried to mix a burning match and some gunpowder Tuesday morning, at the home of his grandfather, John McWilliams, four miles northeast of town. He succeeded. Dr. Gladman says his injuries are not serious. (George lost his eyebrows and burned the palm of his left hand.)
An editor of a small paper recently stated that he had been kissed by one of the most beautiful married women in the town. He promised to tell her name in the first issue of his paper next month. In two weeks the circulation of his newspaper doubled. But when he gave the name of his wife he had to leave town.
A year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Norris, of North Lawrence, was buried in the Catholic cemetery at Hoge Tuesday.
Ben McKeehen, son of Dave McKeehen, who was supposed to have been lost in the flood, was found east of Kansas City. The day the flood was at its height he was badly injured in a runaway, and some people had picked him up and took care of him.

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