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Remember when: a community review

March 5, 2003

10 years ago: March 3, 1993

Florence Seeley Riford, Tonganoxie benefactress and former resident, died Feb. 19 in La Jolla, Calif., at the age of 103. Riford donated more than $250,000 to the Florence Riford Senior Center and started a perpetual scholarship fund at the high school with a donation of $200,000. (Mrs. Riford also donated a stained glass window to the United Methodist Church in 1959.)

Birth: Pamela and Paul Clark of Lawrence are pleased to announce the birth of their son, Jonathan Daniel, born Feb. 14, 1993.

Deaths: JoAnne Houghton, 58, Tonganoxie, died Feb. 27, 1993; Leo H. Loftiss, 81, Kansas City, Kan., died Feb. 19, 1993.

Mr. Fred Leimkuhler gave a most interesting and informative review of the old Northwestern Railroad at the meeting held Feb. 23 at the Riford Center. This railroad went through Tonganoxie in its earlier days. That's right, it no longer exists but there is much history about its existence and this is what the TCHS members enjoy. (The NW went through Tonganoxie on May 27, 1887 at 11:40 a.m. for the first trip. Dec. 22, 1919 was the last trip.)

25 years ago: March 1, 1978

Deaths: Mrs. Mary Rosaland McCaffrey, 88 Tonganoxie, passed away Feb. 24, 1978; George W. Noland, Lawrence, 65, died Feb. 27.

Reno news: Mrs. Nadine Moore entertained with a birthday party for Dougie on Monday afternoon.

Jarbalo Jottings: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson had a dinner Sunday honoring Mr. and Mrs. Dale John-son on their first wedding anni-versary.

McLouth news: Word has been received of the death of Carrie Kanosic Kastl's husband, Frank Kastl, of Omaha, Neb. Mrs. Kastl was a former McLouth resident.

Springdale news: Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Tullis returned home Tuesday from a trip to Detroit. They were staying with Mr. and Mrs. Clark Hutcheson who have a new baby girl, Theresa Lynn.

Birth: Harold and Chris Stice, Tonganoxie, announce the birth of their son, Samuel David, Feb. 18, 1978; Mr. and Mrs. David Price of Tongan-oxie, announce the birth of their daughter, Johnna Lenee, Feb. 23, 1978.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles "Fred" Benedict flew to Las Vegas, Nev., the weekend of Feb. 16, to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

50 years ago: March 12, 1953

The Bystander spat in the street, and explained his eyes were watering because of the sharp March wind, and not because Stalin had died.

Ye and Mrs. Ed will be married 33 years Friday, March 13th. (Walt Neibarger.) The nearest approach to catastrophe occurred in 1921, when Ye was planting turnips in rows. Mrs. said, "Dad never planted turnips that way." Said Ye, "Dad isn't planting these turnips." She got the seeds and broadcast them all over the garden. That was when the fight started.

Linwood: Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hipsher announce the birth of a son on March 7.

Deaths: Mrs. Eva Shockley, 66, McLouth, died early Wednesday; Henry Adam Kepler, 80, Kansas City, Kan., died Monday at his home.

Jarbalo: Mrs. L. M. Brune, Monday morning received a telegram telling her of the death of her youngest brother, Ivan Sample, Phoenix.

Stranger Valley Echoes: After our remark about odd names for restaurants a few weeks ago, we have this description of many who go there: Giggle, Gabble, Gobble and Git.

A lot of local people knew H. A. Kepler, who died Monday in Kansas City. He owned the farm where Roy Graves lives west of town for a long time, and he built the paved streets in the business district of Tonganoxie in 1913.

75 years ago: Feb. 23, 1928

L. 0. Wells, proprietor of the L. 0. Wells garages in Tonganoxie and Lawrence, was killed about eight o'clock Wednesday evening, when the truck he was driving turned over near White Church on U.S. 40.

Willis E. Wood, wealthy retired farmer, who lived on the corner of Pleasant Street and U.S. No. 40 in Tonganoxie, died at his home Wednesday morning. Mr. Wood lacked only one day of attaining the age of 78.

Margaret Catherine McBride, eldest daughter of James and Catherine McBride, was born Dec. 8, 1849 at Independence, Mo. She was married to Julius P. Carlat, August 15, 1876. She entered into rest Feb. 11, 1928, aged 78 years, two months and three days.

Letters received here this week by Mr. and Mrs. Herman Cronemeyer and Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Quisenberry from St. Louis, carried the Lindbergh Good Luck stamp, showing it was carried by air mail, Lindbergh's flight. The letters were sent by Mr. and Mrs. Fred Cronemeyer of St. Louis.

Mr. and Mrs. John McGraw and sons, Jr. and Billy, were guests of Mrs. McGraw's parents in Kansas City, Sunday, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. A.B. Bachman's 45th anniversary.

Stanwood: Mrs. D. E. Wiley, 49, passed away last Tuesday night after a lingering illness of several months.

100 years ago: March 5, 1903

Township Pioneer Dead: At the advanced age of 86 years, Phillip Mulderg died Sunday morning of pneumonia. The deceased was a native of Ireland, but came to this country when still a young man.

A horse's hoof has been selected as the insignia of the corps of veterinarians, the latest addition to the United States army. The prosaic hoof is given a mythological value by the addition of wings like unto those of Mercury, in order to give the effect of motion.

Adam Ehart Jr. will be the new mail carrier out of Lowemont, and the old Adam will be his substitute.

Ladies and gentlemen will be admitted indiscriminately at the gymnasium Tuesday and Friday evening of each week. President.

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