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U.S. forces deserve support of America

March 19, 2003

It was difficult to hear President Bush's words Monday night. Despite all of the warnings of the inevitability of war, despite all of the rhetoric tossed around the globe during the past few weeks, it still was hard to hear that our nation is heading to war.

Regardless of what one thinks about whether the United States should militarily try to remove Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq, one point is clear.

When United States forces enter Iraq, those who remain at home must remember that these soldiers are Americans. They should be respected for the job they are doing. And when they come home, they should be treated with high regard.

Many worry that Iraq could become another Vietnam, that this could be the war that the United States cannot win, that the conflict could drag on for years with no clear conclusion.

But it would be a tragedy if the this war produced the kind of reaction to U.S. soldiers that the Vietnam War did. The men and women who are now heading to the Persian Gulf have a job to do. And regardless of whether Americans believe we should be entering Iraq, Americans must support those U.S. forces.

Americans must support them, and pray for their safekeeping.

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