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Don’t squander right to vote on Tuesday

March 26, 2003

The importance of voting was clearly illustrated in the Feb. 25 primary election.

Only one vote separated two Tonganoxie City Council candidates. One of those candidates made the cut to progress onto the April 1 general election. The other did not.

One more vote for Mike Weston would have meant that he and Jim Truesdell would have tied. The tie would have been broken by some game of chance. And, obviously, had Weston garnered two additional votes, it would have been his name that appears with three others on the general election ballot.

"I think this will help remind people that every single vote does count," as Truesdell said following the primary election.

Indeed, it's true. And Tonganoxie has its own, clear example of how important it is for each registered voter to make the small effort to vote next Tuesday.

It's also just as important to ensure voters are informed about candidates and where they stand on issues. The city of Tonganoxie and the local school district face daunting issues. The effects of recent growth, as well as projected growth, are raising new issues for both the city and the school district.

The new council members and school board members who are elected on Tuesday will play an important role in mapping the future of both the community and its schools.

Take the time to review the candidates' responses to questions posed by The Mirror. Talk with your trusted friends and neighbors. Do they know any of the candidates, and what do they think?

And on Saturday, attend the Candidate Coffee that The Mirror and First State Bank and Trust are hosting. The 90-minute gathering is slated to begin at 9 a.m. at the former Ratliff's Drug Store at Fourth and Bury, and refreshments will be served.

The opportunity to vote is too precious to waste.

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