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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

May 21, 2003

"No, Mom, don't show me again. I've got to figure this out for myself." Little Angie was trying to sew on a button. Remember when? Those tiny little holes in the center of that small button and how easy it was to go over the side of the button itself. How hard it was to get it in the exact spot so it lined up with the buttonhole.

It's so easy for us moms, too. "Here, let me help, or just let me get it started for you."

Little Angie's determination to figure it out and her do-it-myself attitude will carry her far in life. What a thrill for mom and dad to know as they watch their children grow and develop that they will be OK.

Angie's mom uses one of the cardboard tubes that fabric comes on for many things, including to mark buttonholes if she doesn't have the ironing board up. She likes to wrap the skirt around the ironing board, overlapping the buttonhole side on top and then just mark through the hole with a pen, pencil, chalk or whatever, right in the center of the buttonhole. The button will cover that mark. She also uses the cardboard tube between the front and back of the shirt, with it just lying on the table. "You don't want that marked spot to go through onto the back of the shirt."

Received your sweet little note, "B." And thanks. You made my day. She adds, "Parents should cherish their children. They grow up so soon. We have little time to ready them for life out in that big, big world."

Thank you both so much, and do hug those kids every day. God bless now. Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie, 66086-0265.

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