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Protest petition ruled invalid

November 12, 2003

The city and county are clear on how many signatures are needed on any protest petitions against Sunday liquor sales.

County clerk Linda Scheer said Monday that 48 signatures -- all on one petition -- are needed to make a protest petition valid.

Last week, confusion arose when a local resident submitted a petition to city hall. Assistant city administrator Kathy Bard informed Carol Bradbury that 42 signatures would be necessary, which was 10 percent of the number of people who voted for mayor in the last city election.

But about 480 people voted for city council candidates -- not all people who went to the polls cast a ballot for mayor.

After discussing the situation with county counselor David Van Parys, Scheer said valid signatures must total 48.

Bradbury's petition would not have been valid anyway. Although she had 42 signatures, only 40 were deemed legitimate.

Petitioners have until Nov. 24 to submit a petition.

If a petition is valid, the issue returns to the city council, which will decide whether to reverse the decision to allow Sunday sales or to hold a special election.

Scheer estimated an election would cost a maximum of $1,500.

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