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Our view: Principal’s action speaks volumes

November 19, 2003

Tonganoxie High School Principal Mike Bogart deserves applause for his actions this week.

Bogart, in reaction to concerns from the mother of a student who has been the target of bullies at the high school, has made it clear that derogatory words, such as "gay" and "fag" will not be tolerated. The principal sent a note to teachers on Monday. The same note was read to students on Tuesday during their first hour classes.

Any student found violating the rule could serve time after school -- for the first offense. Repeat offenders could find themselves mired in deeper problems, such as suspension from school.

Bogart should be applauded and patted on the back for taking action to stem the tide of bullying that sometimes washes over schools. He clearly believes that school is the place that respect and other life lessons should be taught.

After all, if students don't figure out that bullying and other forms of abuse of their fellow students are offensive and harmful, when will they learn?

If students graduate from high school without having grasped the importance of treating others well, it's highly likely they will run into problems in jobs and in other relationship -- and likely with law enforcement and the courts system.

A school district is doing a disservice to its students if it doesn't enforce rules against bullying and other forms abuse.

It appears that Bogart realizes this -- and his actions are speaking as loudly as his words.

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