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Firefighters deserve congratulations

October 1, 2003

Congratulations to the Tonganoxie City Fire Department on firefighters' recent news that they secured a grant to install smoke detectors in Tonganoxie homes.

Soon, firefighters will receive the actual money, which will allow them to purchase and install about 350 detectors, which have the potential to save lives in our community.

The fire department, which nearly two years ago was in a state of upheaval, apparently has turned itself around. Firefighters are actively seeking grants to fund equipment purchases, smoke detectors and literature on fire safety.

In addition, they are gaining a reputation among other fire departments and the county's emergency medical service for providing aid to those agencies when it's needed.

That's a welcome change from a department that 21 months ago was in the middle of mediation with its former fire chief.

The fire department will host an open house on Oct. 11 as part of Fire Prevention Week activities. It would be a golden opportunity for local residents to learn more about the department -- and, perhaps, to voice appreciation for the more professional and active fire department in Tonganoxie.

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