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Letter: An idea for school facilities

October 1, 2003

To the editor:

Your editorial of Sept. 17 moved me to suggest a proposal on the school building proposition that hasn't been put forward.

First, one of the best features of Tonganoxie is our school system and plant located on the U.S. Highway 24-40 curve. I would enhance it. The south portion of the curve is vacant, except for seldom-used small athletic fields that are duplicated west of town. The proposed school building should be built there -- west and south of the present middle school. This would consolidate our school plant and obtain all the subsequent economies of utilities, teachers, facilities, etc. We also wouldn't have buses rolling all over town shuffling children.

The school district could sell the 80 acres in town, and, if possible, purchase the defunct auto dealership across from the high school. It would be a perfect auto teaching center and a place to park and clean school buses. It's already built and only minor modifications would be needed. Any remaining monies from the sale could be applied to design and reworking of the high school front. I believe this would be a practical and economical plan.

With jobs and money becoming scarce, the people of our community would appreciate this, as well as the increased beauty of our schools and the Tonganoxie curve.

John R. Poterbin,


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