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Letter: More than trees and concrete

October 1, 2003

To the editor:

Hi, Jean! I cannot hear her echo, "Hi, Jean." I can see that smile, though. John Lenahan's late wife's voice has been silenced. Her soul cannot be taken away, however, by a shameless bully who has made a weak attempt to persecute her by referring to her as John Lenahan's late wife, using references to "kicking and screaming" and "stubborn and vocal."

This has crossed the line of being a legal issue about the cost of concrete and trees on Fourth Street. It appears this is an attack by a shameless bully on the soul of a defenseless person, that being John Lenahan's late wife. Bullying by name-calling hurts. Unfortunately, it is a right. The laws and procedures of this country are not a right, but a must for all people regardless of their power. John Lenahan's late wife happened to be a crusader for following the rules.

John Lenahan's late wife had a name, Jean Lenahan. She was my friend. I miss her.

Jean Walker,


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