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Residents request de-annexation from city

October 29, 2003

The message Bob Hunter took to the Tonganoxie City Council on Monday was clear: He and his neighbors on Rogers Road are tired of paying city taxes while living on a gravel road that's generally not well-maintained.

Hunter presented the council with a petition that he and owners of three other properties signed, asking the city to de-annex them. Their properties were annexed into the city in May 1971.

"We're paying taxes and not getting what we're paying for," Hunter said. "... I don't want the city to come out here and tell me that now, we're going to do me a favor and do a benefit district and I'll have to pay for it."

In a benefit district, property owners within a certain area pay at least a portion of the costs of improvements.

Hunter said he was upset when he saw city crews working on East Fourth Street, installing curbs and gutters and putting down a layer of blacktop. That portion of Fourth Street that's south of South Park subdivision -- just like Rogers Road -- is half in the city and half in the county.

"That's what got me riled up," he said. "I don't think it's right that I'm sitting out here for 20 years and my street's a dust bowl. ... I go to the county and they say, go to the city. Ho, ho, ho. And I go to the city and they say, go to the county. Ho, ho, ho."

But to Hunter and his neighbors, it's no laughing matter. The street is narrow, with deep drainage ditches on either side. The city has looked into putting asphalt on it, but officials have determined it was cost-prohibitive.

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