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Opponents not digging McCaffrey’s serve

September 17, 2003

Like a pitcher looking to a catcher for the sign, Mollie McCaffrey takes a quick glance at assistant volleyball coach Brandon Parker for where to serve.

The senior then surveys the court, throws up the volleyball and clubs it, usually with enough height and distance that it's a successful serve.

But Thursday, McCaffrey gave opponents fits with a bit of a change-up.

Many of McCaffrey's serves turned into quick points thanks to her shallow serve.

"You push it up with the palm," McCaffrey said.

It's a serve the senior's been pulling out of her serving bag for some time, but in the Bonner Springs Quadrangular, she pulled it out time and time again.

"They were having trouble with it a lot this game," McCaffrey said, "because they weren't set up to defend it."

THS coach Tiffany Parker said McCaffrey probably is the team's best server, but that doesn't mean her serving arsenal is one-dimensional.

"She has a lot of tricks in her little bag," Parker said.

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