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THS to forego Maur Hill for Rim Rock

September 17, 2003

10 years ago: Sept. 1, 1993

(Picture) The Tonganoxie Historical Society moved the United Methodist Church from Reno to the society's six-acre park. It was necessary for KPL employees to raise wires at six locations along the way. (In another article, it was stated the move was started from Reno about 8:30 a.m. and the church was in Tonganoxie about 11 a.m.)

Deaths: Jessie V. Ransom, 82, Temple City, Calif., formerly of Tonganoxie, died Aug. 28; Leon Abert "Farmer" Jamison, 88, Linwood, died Aug. 26; Mrs. Vera A. Simpson, age 88, Bartlesville, Okla, died Aug. 26; Rollin R. Wingrove, 80, Elwood, Ind., died Aug. 15.

McLouth News: Mrs. Ruth Newby attended the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of her sister and husband, Kenneth and Geraldine, in Trent, Mo., at the First Christian Church of Trent. A large crowd attended. Mrs. Newby's sister did not recognize her when they first met at the celebration, but things were different from then on.

(Picture) This year McLouth will have a new secondary principal, Nancy Albrecht. Raised in a small town like McLouth, Albrecht is familiar with a friendly community.

25 years ago: Aug. 30, 1978

(Picture) This classic Mustang convertible was the only serious injury in a one-car accident early Sunday morning. Walt McRill, driver of the car, escaped serious injury but the car was totally destroyed. Older model Mustangs are more valuable now because of their sleek lines and general good looks, but when you add to that a convertible top, it is really a rare and valuable vehicle now that car manufacturers have discontinued the convertible line.

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Soetaert announce they have two new great-grandsons. Chris Allan, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Lonine Robbinett of Eldon, Mo., and Jason Robert was born to Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pearson of Russellville, Mo.

Over 100 relatives and friends attended the 90th birthday celebration of Sadie Baird at the Rossville Community Center at Rossville, Aug. 26. Mrs. Baird is the mother of Mrs. Richard Verhage.

(Picture) Kent Heskett brought this six-pound, 16-inch zucchini squash to the Mirror office earlier this week and we are sure it has made several delicious dinners by this time.

50 years ago: Sept. 10, 1953

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Oakson attended the funeral services in Kansas City on Sept. 3 for Mrs. Oakson's father, E.B. Rasmussen, 74.

Linwood: Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Townsend announce the birth of a daughter, Deborah Kay, Sept. 4, 1953.

An optimistic bridegroom, recently married, said the first 100 biscuits are the hardest.

The V.I. Morey boys are having fun with the Louis Springer Model T. Ford recently displayed at Laming's car lot. It was reported a western collector bought it, but Morey's raised his bid.

Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Shockley announce the birth of a daughter on Sept. 10.

The Model T was born Oct. 1, 1908, and when the last of more than 15 million was produced 19 years later, it had become the most famous car in history. Henry Ford's specifications were simple: The T was easy to operate and repair, low-priced and durable.

Basehor: Mr. and Mrs. Willmer Knetter announce the birth of a seven-pound daughter on Sept. 6; Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lange announce the birth of a seven-pound, one-ounce son on Sept. 5.

Jarbalo: Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Baragary announce the birth of a daughter, Denise Lorraine on Aug. 17, 1953.

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dyer of Oxford, Maine, announce the birth of a daughter, Sept. 6, to whom they have given the name Emily Marie. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rust Cain of Lawrence are the maternal grandparents.

75 years ago: Aug. 23, 1928

Mrs. Sarah Kesinger, 76, mother of Vern and James Kesinger of Tonganoxie died at the home of her daughter in Larned, Aug. 19, 1928. She has entered into that rest prepared for the faithful.

Mr. and Mrs. Merle Ridgway announce the birth of a girl Aug. 18, to whom they have given the name Margaret JoAnn.

Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Smith announce the birth of a son Aug. 18, to whom they have given the name of Larry Lee.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Nirschl, Aug. 15, a baby girl to whom they have given the name Catherine Ann.

Mr. and Mrs. Will Fincher and son, Harry and Mr. and Mrs. Will Stephenson attended the funeral Monday of their cousin, Hiram Stephenson, at the Soldier's Home.

John B. Greever: "When the grasshopper invasion came along in 1876, I was living in Wyandotte County, near White Church. When the grasshoppers reached there, I rode a thoroughbred mare to a neighbors and we went along alright when the grasshoppers were coming from behind -- but coming back and facing the clouds of grasshoppers, we found the going rough, had to take side roads in order to meet the hoppers on an angle."

James R. Grisham, 63, died Wednesday at his home.

100 years ago: Sept. 3, 1903

Lawrence had a wind storm the other day that made some of the old settlers think for the moment that Quantrill had come again.

Section Foreman Woods has a new boy at his home. Friday was the day of his advent.

The new tennis court west of the State Bank block is being prepared for some hard knocks.

The number of telephones on the local system is 177. Those recently put in are at John E. Casebier's near Neely and W.H. Howard's and Frank E. Stone's at Dafer.

The lots where the new Zellner department store is to stand have been cleared, and material for building is being hauled to the ground.

Little Joy Chandler fell from a cherry tree Monday morning, in the north part of town and had one of his bones broken just below the right wrist and another dislocated. Dr. Slaughter set the disturbed members. About a year ago, Joy had his left arm broken about the corresponding place on the right arm. The boy's life so far does not seem to be one of joy.

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