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Register of deeds files for re-election

April 14, 2004

The reason Stacy Driscoll wants to be re-elected as the Leavenworth County register of deeds is simple.

"I like what I'm doing," she said. "I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather be doing."

Driscoll, 37, Leavenworth, who recently filed for re-election, has served as register of deeds since January 2000, when she was appointed to the post. That fall, Driscoll, a Democrat, ran for election without opposition.

Before she became register of deeds, Driscoll worked for 14 years for abstract companies.

"So I was in here a lot," she said of the work that required frequent visits to the register of deeds office.

Since the decline in interest rates -- and the following increase in housing development and the robust real estate market -- Driscoll's office has been busy. She, along with her three full-time and one part-time employees have been working at full tilt, processing real estate transactions.

During the past four years, some goals Driscoll had set have been pushed aside because the staff has been so busy.

"There's a lot more that I would have liked to have gotten done, but when the interest rates are as low as they have been, that predicts what goes on in my office," she said. "It's been overwhelming at times."

But the staff has been successful in scanning in plats and surveys into a machine that has the capability of printing.

"That's really been a life-saver for us," Driscoll said.

And by the end of the year, Driscoll is hopeful that she will be able to offer the public access to records on-line. It's not as easy as it sounds, though. Some records, such as mortgages and death certificates, contain Social Security numbers, she said.

"If we put the stuff on line, we would have to go through every document to make sure there's no Social Security number," she said.

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