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Letters to the editor

Mrs. Kerry as first lady; Move from Wyandotte County; Irresponsible pet ownership

August 11, 2004

To the editor:

As parents we spend countless hours trying to teach our children about respecting others. John Kerry may think it appropriate that his wife is outspoken, telling reporters to "shove it." However, I believe it would be a shame for our children to have her representing them as the first lady of America. Whether Democrat or Republican, we have had many other first ladies who were great advocates for our children. If it is not clear that Mr. Kerry is not the right choice for president, let it be clear that Mrs. Kerry is the wrong choice for first lady.

Mary Boudreaux,

To the editor:

I just thought you would like to hear from another resident of Tonganoxie who was also displaced by the speedway. We used to live on 113th street. We now live in rural Tonganoxie. We visit our old front yard every time we attend the races. We used a GPS to figure out just where it was. Our old front yard used to be around pole number 12 of the parking lot.

We moved here in August, 1998. The first week I went in and subscribed to The Mirror so I could learn about the area. I have been a subscriber ever since. We moved out in the rural area so we wouldn't have a chance of having our house taken again.

We had lived in the Edwardsville mobile home park for 17 years. Then we were finally able to buy a house, only to learn after less than a year of living there that the city was going to take it. So we stopped doing any more home improvements (since it was going to be torn down) and waited for it to happen. We were in that house just a little less than two years.

We have been in this house over twice as long as we were in that house, but I still miss that house. It had beautiful woodwork! One of our old neighbors (they lived across the street from us) now lives across the street from the Tonganoxie Township fire department.

Neva Catron,

To the editor:

On July 31, I was shopping in the Good Shepherd Thrift Store in Tonganoxie. I heard one of the volunteers say, "We found kittens in a box with some clothes that had been donated." I asked if their eyes were open. I have a cat that is still nursing six-week old kittens. They promptly brought the five kittens from the back in a box lined with a baby blanket. The kittens were very small, only a few days old. Their eyes were trying to open. I thought something was not right, since normally it takes two weeks for their eyes to open. I agreed to take them to see if my cat would accept them. She did OK, but the kittens were too weak. I then went to Vet Vax and bought KMR (Kitten Milk Replacer) and bottles. The bottles did not work, so we used an eyedropper -- feeding them every 3 to 4 hours. Not an easy task as it took about an hour between two of us to feed them. I also tried to locate a nursing cat by contacting a couple neighbors.

My main concern was for the health of the kittens' eyes, and one of them appeared to have its front legs paralyzed. This led me to contact the Lawrence Humane Society. On Sunday, I released the kittens and the products I purchased for them to the Lawrence Humane Society. An employee there thought the kittens were possibly deformed or had genetic defects and could possibly be blind. A veterinary would look at them the next day. I checked back to see how the kittens were doing five days later. Three died before the vet saw them. At this time, the other two are still alive. I was unable to get any information from the vet's report of their condition.

This is a sad, heartless act by an irresponsible pet owner. This is another prime example as to why pets should be spayed or neutered.

Jan Jones,

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