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Recycling program in capable hands

August 25, 2004

Next month, it will be official.

Kim Kolman, who for 14 years has been an integral part of Tonganoxie's recycling activities, will step down from her role as SORT coordinator.

Kolman has been a constant in the program, which offers recycling to Tonganoxie residents on a regular basis. For Kolman -- and others she's recruited -- work at the SORT recycling on a voluntary basis.

The Tonganoxie community is fortunate to have had Kolman work for so long on such an important program. Obviously, she's a believer in her efforts. And because of her and others who have joined her, Tonganoxie area residents have kept recyclable materials from ending up in landfills.

Earleta Morey, who runs the Tonganoxie Community Education and Volunteer Center, will take over for Kolman -- starting officially with the next SORT date on Sept. 11 at the Leavenworth County Fairgrounds. While Morey will have big shoes to fill, she's clearly up to the job.

Tonganoxie's recycling efforts have been in good hands for many years, and they will continue to be in good hands in the foreseeable future.

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