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Letter to the editor: Put the issue to rest

December 1, 2004


To the editor:

I am writing concerning the fact that the school colors has once again become an issue. As a parent of two children, who both attend Tonganoxie schools, I honestly don't see the problem. When the gold was first introduced as a highlight, I found it to be attractive and it distinguished our kids from Lansing, which also uses red and white.

I think to spend money on new uniforms is a waste, especially when the other uniforms have been barely used. I'm sure these uniforms aren't cheap and I'm sure the money could be used towards other things for the students.

I would think our top priority should be the kids. We should be instilling in them the values of unity, respect for one another, and good sportsmanship. Instead, we are teaching them the exact opposite and that petty bickering takes priority.

I attended a 6A high school in Kansas City. In being the youngest of six kids to attend that school I saw the school colors take on many shades over the years. The official colors remained the same all those years and were documented as cardinal and white. However, even our cap and gowns at graduation were not a true cardinal, instead they were a dark maroon. No one fussed or complained about the color, but instead was extremely proud of our accomplishments.

We moved to Tonganoxie 14 years ago. We moved here because what I saw in this town, in particular the school district, were the values I wanted instilled in my children. This town is growing, and with growth comes new ideas, and of course many growing pains.

However, we cannot lose sight of our youth. They are our tomorrow. If we send them out into the world with bitterness stemmed from something as simple as what color of shirt (or uniform) they wore, what are we setting ourselves up for in tomorrow's leaders? If the world ended today would the color of clothing have made a significant difference? Think about it.

Melissa Ostermeyer,

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