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Letters to Santa Claus

December 15, 2004

Editor's note: The Mirror newspaper has intercepted these letters to Santa Claus and then sent them onto the North Pole. The letters appear verbatim, with no editing. The artwork accompanied some of the letters.

Dear Santa Claus,
Thank you for my Shake 'n Maker.
This year I would like a guitar with flowers that's blue in color, password journal, a rennissiance outfit size 8-10, a Jade bratz doll, and a Princess and doll (like a baby doll size with flowers for her.
Thank you,
Love -- Hailey

Dear Santa Claus,
Thank you for my present and stocking gifts.
This Christmas I would like a chair for outside, sled, pop, a purse with girly make-up stuff, Libby Lou's stuff, and pink glitter hairspray.
Thank you Santa,
Love -- Gracie

Dear Santa,
This is my first Christmas. I would like to have a baby walker.
Thank you
Love -- David

to santa
Thank you for all of the things that you gave me. I actualy won'te a telescope that I can see the moon an the stars an stuf plaese
thank you
Ashley O'Connor

Dear Santa Claus,
I would like:
Barbies, Strawberry Shortcakes, Dollies, Dora stuff, Pink Leapster, Princess and Dora Leapster Games, More ponies for Strawberry, Polly Pocket bus, swimming pool, doctor polly pockets, Polly Pocket car, Strawberry Shortckae Furniture for her house, Grandma with Kitty, Barbie House, Fix Her Hair Barbie, Barbie in the pink princess suit, Daphney Barbie with Scooby-Doo, Barbie red Escape, Butterfly catching game, Don't Wake Daddy, Polly Pocket Game Boy Game, Barbie puppies and kitties, Strawberrry Shortcake coloring posters, Baby Hair cut thing -- pink one, New van for babies, M'm's and M'm dispenser, Baby and 2 bottles, Bear with talking cousin!
Thank you Santa!
I love you Santa!

Dear Santa Claus,
I would like to have:
All Spiderman Toys, Boy Blade Game, Need for Speed and Underground 2, Tony Hawk 2, New Leap Pad, Leapster Game, 2 Star Wars Swords, Burnout, Rally X-3, Monstertrucks, Hot Wheels, Ninja turtles stuff, Power Rangers, Tiger Woods 2005, Nerf Guns
Thank you Santa Claus!
I Love You Santa Claus!

Dear Santa,
This year I have been a very good boy. I am really excited about Christmas coming. These are some of the toys that I would like to get for Christmas: 4-wheeler, toy Santa Clause, Pocket Rocket Skate Ramp/Bicycle Ramp, smore maker, Go Kart, Toy Kitchen
I promise I will leave you some milk and cookies!
Hunter Angell

Dear, Santa
I hope you have a good year. mabye we will cook cookies for you to eat. I wonder how the reindeer are. For Christmas I want a grave digger monster truck. And a pro skatebord for me. I also want a pair of roller blades.

Dear Santa,
I know it's a little early but for Chrismas I want Out and about spy kit. The Deluxe Suncatche kit, The E-z Art Projetor, Interactive Dino Center and the Qutum leap. and the smart ball, a laptop, the Best metal detctor A big pool tabel and a RC Airplane.
Wesley Williams
Tonganoxie KS 66086
USA North Amrica
P.S. Thank you.

Dear Santa,
I know it's a little early but for chrismas I want, The Light and sound town, Easy-Hold 35 mm camera. Whale Rescue Mission. Life-Like Laundry. Alphabet Alligator, Pretend bake and play and the starPower Pillow.
Allison Williams
Tonganoxie KS 66086
USA North America

To: Santa, North Pole
I want slippers, art stuff, A toy cat, A toy Santa, A toy dog, A tea party set, Books, Dress-up stuff, A toy raindeer,
From: Danielle Elizabeth Irwin

Dear Santa,
I'm going to make a list instead of writing my list. (Look below) Merry Christmas x Enfinity
1. Garfield
2. Scooby Doo
3. Shrek 2
4. Happy Gilmore
5. Harry Potter Chamber ...
6. Harry Potter Prisoner ...
7. Home on the Range
8. Elf
Guinesses World Records 2005
Harry Potter Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter Order of the Phenox
(PS=Playstation 2, GBA=Gameboy Advanced, PC=computer)
1. Fire Red GBA
2. Need for Speed Underground 1 or 2 PS
3. NFL 2004 or 2005 PS
4. Tony Hawk Underground 1 or 2 PS
5. The Incredibles PS/GBA/PC
6. Lilo and Stitch PS or GBA
7. Kim Possible GBA
Ya-gi-oh Marick's Deck, Ya-gi-oh Millineum Deck, Ya-gi-oh Joey's Deck, 26-inch bicycle
Sincerely, Derek
(P.S. I really want the things on my list.)

Dear Santa,
For Christmas, I want some new toys. I would like a Spiderman coloring book, an Elmo coloring book, and a big box of crayons. I would also like some Rescue Heroes. Also, I want a new puppy. Thank you. I will leave you some milk and cookies.
Logan Cox

Lauren Harrell, Tongonoxie Kansas U S A
The real coten candy-mashing
Soccer boppers
Jump start 3rd grade
Bullseye ball
Spiderman triple action-web blaster
Spiderman 2 video game
Game cube
A DVD ramot
Gadget heads car-facory
Iiecy maker
Terrain twister

Dear Santa,
I want a mini 50cc and a Husky dog, a real one. A sharktail game cube game and new bike and a remote control car.

Dear Santa Clause,
How are the eifes doing. What toys are they going to make? I want a Dora doll thats hair grows and a Bratz pillow and a ear rings and a cheerleader barbarbie and a new coloring book. Thank you for all the toys. Love Bailey Saimon

Mallory's Wish List
Tongenoxie, Kansas
Jonson County
rock tumbler
bratz dolls
sponge bob second seson
jump dancer
candy canes
sponge bob movie gameboy advance
a sponge bob T.V.

Hi it's me Ashley. I just wondid you to know I accholy don't whont those 2 dolls. I accholy whon't a strong teliscop plaese. If you tank I have ben good enof if I have whil you plaese get me that. Thank you. Thank you for all the toys, you have gave me. I whil leve you some cookys, if you can an arnt to bisy can you plaese sind me back a leter please. Have a nhis cristmas. Love Ashley Oconnor

Dear Santa, This Christmas I would like these things:
Barbie Telephone, Furry Purse, Snow White Sunglasses, Cinderella Picture Frame, Ice Cream Maker. I will sit on your lap this year and I Love You!
Love, Mia Bond

Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want Harry Potter 3 on DVD. Hot Wheels Lava Race car Track. New Bow and Arrow. Knights Kingdom legos. Love, Brayden

Dear Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus,
How is the year been going? How are the elves? Chirstmas is my favorite hoiliday. I have been preety darn good this year so here is my list.
Brat fuzzy poster
Bike helmet
Toby Keth CD called I love this bar.
Winter skirts
Winter drerss boots
DVD player
Gameboy with games for it
Ella enchanged on DVD
Baby set
Kenny chesney DC called when the sun gose down.
Nintedo player with games for it.
Blow dryer -- tiny one
Curling Iron
Lots of pony tale wigs
Brat car
Bartz cook book
Merry, Erin Fowler

Santa I will like a leaf green. Santa I will like a Fire red Santa I will like a sivr pokemon. Santa I will like a tack 2. Santa I will like a green pokemon. Santa I will like a ants in my pans.

I want these at Mom's House. Dear Santa, All I want is A puppy, size 8 regular Old Navy Jeans, Old Navy shirts size 10, (appriate ones), a stario, (8 hundred wats). A PaJame set, and A MerryChrisMas. Please give ma a puppy 2 Myself. I would take care of it and train it. I also whant a merry christmas. That's what I want at mom's house.
I want these at Dads House
Bratz Foxy, Icey Blue one with accseriess.
Bratz catz. Black one with accseories
Mary-Kate and Ashley lip glosses (nineteen of them.
Clothes. (Blue, Pink, Green, white, ornge, yellow, red, and Black
CD player (with cross fade, Simple plan, JoJo, Switch foot, Alter Bridge, and Lincoln Park.
PaJam as (Flanelly Blue Penjuine ones that have white and pink hats.
House slippers (ones that loke like snow flakes).
The end of the list.
Lizzie McKay

Dear Santa,
I just want a squeaky mouse and a new teddy bear for Sissy. From Joshua Perich, Age 5

Dear santa,
We only want one toy for christmas. I Want a trampoline. Brooklin Wants a kitten. Owen wants a BaBy toy. You are great Santa,
Dakota, Owen, Brooklin

Dear Santa
I would like a baseballs, a puzzle of Jesus, more P.J's, more games for my nintendo 64 and play station 2 and army and police clothes and Codoo
Thank you very much
Billy Kelley

Dear Santa,
I would like a remote control race car and nothing else.
From Matthew Perich, Age 4
Dear Santaclos
I want a snowbord and some skees and a Elektrik skooter and a skatebord and some elbow pads and a helmitt with flames. From William Perich, age 6

From Mariah:
Pillw, towel, muisical barbie dollss, tocl combo pack, sponge bob board game, Dora game, Weedolls

Dear Santa,
My name is Eric Neas and I am 5 years old. I would like a Hun and new Ninja Tutles. I would also like Playstation games too. I've been a good boy this year. I will leave a present for you under our tree. I will leave hot chocolate too.
Your friend,

Dear Santa, I would like a Drum Set for Christmas. I would also like a game cube and some games. I have been a very good boy this year.
Merry Christmas
Love, Garrett Harris

Dear Santa, For Chirstmas I want a guitar. I also want some magnetex xtreme. I would also like some moere gae cube games. How are the riendeer? We are going to leave them something to eat and water. Tell the elf's I said merry Christmas. And we will give you something to eat and drink.
Austin Harris

Dear Santa,
I don't care what I get. I just want it to be cool.

Dear Santa,
I want two tanks for Christmas and a big motor truck that has a remote control. I want Daddy to have a jammie top. I want Emma to have a new doll. I want mom to have new jammies. I want Dad to have a big motor truck with remote control.

Dear Santa,
I would like a telephone and a New blanket with my name "Emma princess" on it!
from: Emma
to: Santa

Dear Santa,
I would like anything to do with cats and kittens for Christmas.
Mara Hebert
21010 Parallel

I want Buzz Lightyear
Calvin Haverkamp

Dear Santa,
Hi my name is Kayla. What I want for Christmas is a mountain bike, Bratz doll, some clothes, Lindsay Lohan speak CD. Merry Christmas, Santa.
Kayla Boice

Dear Santa-
How are your reindeer doing? Is Rudolph really real? If Rudolph is really real can you tell him that I said hi? I would please like a porcelin doll ad a Build a Bear Bunny with some clothes.
From Grace Woods

Dear Santa,
How are you and Mrs. Cluse? Are your raindeer doing good? Will you please bring me some boots, a skip-it, and some CD's. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Rachel Woods

Dear Santa,
Your very popular this year people are making a movei called the polar express. I haven't seen it yet but I might go see it. I'll take anything that's spongebob or blue. I'm not to picky.
Your friend,
P.J. Conroy

Dear Santa,
I want a game boy, art craft stuff, a blue scarf.
Monica Maurer

Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer? I've been good this year.
Here is my wish list:
-Bratz Doll
-Bratz cat Palace
-Rendeer bell
Thank you!
Rachel Maurer

Dear Santa, I would like a new Polly Pocket Doll with play pool. I would relly like if you give me that! I have been good for Chrismas this year
love your friend
Elizabeth Andrews

Your awesome Dude!
By Eric Tate

Dear Santa
I want a chiefs jerseye. I will be certain kind. I want Gonzales, Priest, Green. Have a safe trip and a wonderful Christmas
Clayton Neas

Dear Santa
I loove you. I want to have a remote control race car. I want a picture of you Santa. I want a tv in my room. I want a new dirt bike. I want a gun to use hunting. I want a four wheeler.
Love Grady Stites

Dear Santa,
I want a game to play with. I want a parot to be my pet. I want a big nu tcks. I want a new bike. I want a what does the north pole look like? What do the reindeer look like?
Harrison Heike

Dear Santa,
May I have a Stereo and a GiJoes for my brother and a watch and a doll house and a make-up kit
I! Love! You! Santa!
Love! Kali Jacobson!

Dear Santa
Do you like can make. All of you elves can make all of the toys. Santa I want a trampoline. I even want a tuck. I love you Santa.
Spencer Denison

Dear Santa, I know that you have magic. I really believe in you. Mom and Dad say that I have been good this year. I want a Bratz doll Please. a game boy want at notebook. A game boy pac man, crayons please.
Thank you. Love,
Monica Maurer

Dear Santa Claus,
I promise that I will give you Milk an cookies. My real name is Thaddeus.

Dear Santa,
I want a hot wheels. I want a GiJoe. I wan a remote control I want a puppy dog
I want a bee
Joe Knipp

Dear Santa,
I wanta dirt bike and a motorcycle, a corvette, and a jet I also want a tank, a ship and motorcycle gang I would like a 7 year old brother I want guitar
Sonny Manglesdorf

Dear Santa,
How are your reindeer doing? What toys are you going to make for me?
Tyler Salmon

Dear Santa, I want to sume Yugie cards and sum mor Yugie and oun of thuzvee noo Yugie and a noo greeday gae and los of Yugie and Yugie.
Jake Griffin

Dear Santa
I want a bike for Christmas. I love you I want a video now for Chrismas. How do the elves make the toys? I like school. I like my teacher. Have a Merry Christmas
Andrea Bryant

Dear Santa,
I want a new coat. I wanta guitar with a little triangle and I want to have a glass doll with real eyelashes I want a new tv for my Bruth
Love Shannon Haufler

Dear Santa,
I love you Please bring me some toys.
love, Derek Janssen

Dear Santa,
I love Christmas tree I wand a swimming pool for me and Cora All I want for Christmas is my too front teeth
Alli and Cora Reed

Dear Santa, I want the Samantha American girl doll for Christmas. Will you get me a book
Emily Jardes.

Dear Santa,
I love you. Ive been very good. Please give me some presents I want a robe for Christmas I believe in you. And thank you for all the elves
Alex Tate

Dear Santa,
I love you I will like it if you will have me Will you can give me a remote control dog Have my milk and cookies.
Alyssa Nemeth

Dear Santa,
I like Power Ranger. I want a Pokemon book
Austin Mesias

Dear Santa
I love my ABC I love your reindeer. Please bring me a dragon dinosaur. Love
Sarah Oelschlaeger

Dear Santa,
I would like leaf green poke'mon game, an xdox, a fish, a bird, and a rudy poke'mon. Love, Joshua Lingo

Dear Santa I love you Please bring me a cat and dog
Blake Conklin

Dear Santa
I love you I also want a Barbe doll
Cheyenne Colston

Dear Santa and please bring to me a princess thing you can change clothes.
Courtney Cruickshank

Dear Santa,
Please bring me a Batmobile and a Batman and Robin to ride in it.
Emmett Keene

Dear santa,
How are You doing? I have been good this year. I would like a Yu-Gi-oh movie and ten booster and a rocket gun and lazer.
Kyle Jones

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