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Buffalo staying in their quarters

December 22, 2004

For a few days now, the buffalo have stayed put.

Last week, residents who lived near 199th Street and Parallel Road complained that a herd of some 40 buffalo were escaping their pasture through a broken fence.

Sgt. Charlie Yates of the Leavenworth County sheriff's office said Monday he had not spoken with Marc or Diane Thiry, who own the buffalo. But he said, it appeared the Thirys were acting to take care of the problem.

Yates said he had spoken to the county's animal control officer, Deputy Gerald Smith.

"He said Mr. Thiry has delivered brome hay out to the property and has also apparently reinforced the current fencing," Yates said. "If he can just continue that, or get rid of the animals, we can stop any criminal charges that are forthcoming. We just need to have some action here."

The criminal charges, Yates said, would be for allowing cattle, or in this case buffalo, to run at large.

"We always have the issue of cattle getting out, but when it's on a continual basis like this with no effort being made to reinforce the fencing, it makes it difficult," Yates said.

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