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Letters to Santa Claus

December 22, 2004

Editor's note: The Mirror newspaper has intercepted these letters to Santa Claus and then sent them onto the North Pole. The letters appear verbatim, with no editing. The artwork accompanied some of the letters.

Dear, Santa

For Christmas I wan't a portable cd Players, kswiss shoes with croam on it, easy bake oven, Pixter color, a Pixter color camara, clothes, a new go-cart clutch.

Love Mercedes

And a piture of you and Mrs. Claus, A canary thing for my bed stuff from Dry Ice.

I will have cookies and milk for you and your Rain Deer.

Love, Mercedes Ramirez

Dear Santa

I am almost 2. I want a baby sister and a Doll, Candy too.

Love, Sissy Vaughn

Dear Santa,

I want a new baby and Care bear.

Thank you

Lindsay Vernon

Dear Santa,

I am 3 today.

I am a good boy.

I want a puppy.

A Bob the Builder video too. I like Gum.

Love, Dylan Reynolds

Dear Santa,

I am 4. I have been good For my Mom and Dad. I do want cars, Big Motorcycle to ride and a Dog ToTo.

Love --

Cody Reynolds

Dear Santa

I am 4. I want you to please bring me a tent and a Fire Truck and a FORT. I have been good.


Garrett Vaughn

Dear Santa,

I want my family to have a great time on Jesus's birthday because Christmas is really about Jesus.

I hope everyone has a great Christmas.

Rebecca Lyn Pool

Dear Santa,

My name is Blake Thomas. I live at 1120 Delaware in Tonganoxie Kansas. Santa please bring me some Toys. I would Like a some police stuff, power ranger stuff, a dirt bike set, cool Toys.

Bring anything you want, Batman stuff

I got a new doggie this year Her name is Saydee and I like to play with her a lot.

Please bring my doggie some toys, a rattleing dog, some new big bones.

I have been bad this year, but I am trying to be good. I am going to leave you punch and cookies.

Blake Thomas

Dear Santa

Can you please give me a bike with pegs in back and in front and in please make it lite ow and a new ramp a remote-control suv that is black and some new board games that's all.

Your friend


Dear Mr. Santa

All I want for Christmas is a new bike. It's a DK Dayton and I also want to see my little sister. I haven't seen her since August 28 and that all I want. I love you Santa.

Daniel Parker

Dear Santa,

Please bring me some legos and one more thing for me. I will see you at Grandma June's. Love, Lee

From Raymond

Dear Santa I wish I can have a new bike.

To: Santa

I want a chers

A sorry game

A chees game

Some video games

From: Brett Morey

P.S. I left you cookies

Dear Sante

Herr is my Christmas list



Liconl Log

From Hannah

Dear Santa,

I would like a



Giant V B

Love Kennedy Morey

Dear Santa Clas I think I have been a real good kidie this year. May I please have a little puppy for Christmas.

Love Curtus

Dear Santa

I would like a marker bord

A curtain for my room

A fuzzy velvet marker bord

A morz in doors.


Annabelle Frese

Dear Santa,

From Shelby McDaniel

I want clothes, mabe some showes.

Brazs doll, cds, some doo rags, a bath robe, ruberband braslets. Toe sock

Have a safe trip to the North Pole.

Dear Santa.

I would Robot, please.

Love, Garrett French.

Dear Santa,

For Christmas, I want a GameCube and an X-Box, and a new Game Boy Advance because the back-lit screen on mine burnt out.

I will leave you some chocolate chip cookies, like you and I talked about.

Your friends,

Drew Cook

Dear Santa --

I want a Brats Ski Lodge A Santa Clause Doll McFlurry maker Barbie clothes

Emily Chambers

5 years old

Dear Santa,

I just only want a bike because Eric ran over mine.

Gavin Drozinski

Age 4

Dear Santa

Hi my name is Aubrey. I want a gift card to the Oak Park mall to get what ever I want.

Your Friend


Dear Santa,

I want a little basketball goal and a nutcracker.

I love you.

Matthew McClellan

Dear Santa,

I want a basketball, a light saber and a light for my bed.


Aidan McClellan

Dear Santa,

I would like a bike for Christmas. I would like a doll for my baby sister.



Dear Santa

I'm very good. Please greg me a tabeber.


Jessica Reyes

Dear Santa,

I want anything to do with racing.

And a new baton.

And dance lesson.

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas. And a safe trip.


Jordan Schiltz

Dear Santa

I hope to see a ball and a doll and a play phone a new shirt and a dvd player and some new pants

Emily Scheilz

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year.

Kaitlyn Newman

Dear Santa,

Will you please bring me a squishy pillow and also I would like to have some squishy toys. And I would also like my own shelf for my bedroom. I will leave pistachios for you and your reindeer.

Love from

Brenna Bigge

Dear Santa

I would like a squishy pillow. I would also like a pair of hoop earrings.

Thank you

Love Mara Bigge

Dear Santa,

Thanks for promising to come to my house. I like that grader.

See you on Christmas



Dear Santa --

I want a gift card

A dog

A cat

Katie Kelsey

Chrissy Kelsey

Dear Santa --

I would like a pink carebear. I want an airplane.

Emme Derzinki

Dear Santa --

Merry Christmas. When it is Christmas. I don't care what you would give me.


I want a new grave digger monster truck because my first one got broke.

Jon Derzinki

Dear Santa --

I have been very good this year and I woul dlike a hammer.

Joe Dersinski

Dear Santa --

I have been very good this year.

I would like some presents.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays.

Jake Derzinski

And my brothers have been very good and would like presents. I would like a book of all the birds of the world and a jar maker.


I would like a big monster truck.


Jared Knipp

Dear Santa,

My name is Joe. I would like street fighters video, remot control jeep and boat.

Thank you

Joe Knipp

Dear Santa,

My name is Sammy. I would like a Barbie computor, DVD's Barbies and a Barbie movie.

Thank you

Sammy Knipp

Dear Santa,

I ant to play. I want a baby too. I need help. I love you. I want 3 toys. I want a Cabbage Patch Doll. And a You And Me Baby Doll set. I want a You And Me with Infant Carrier. I need you.

I love you,

Tesla Felty

Dear Santa,

I love you. How is the snow at the North Pole and how are the reindeer? And I love you so much. I've been good this year. I want 60 presents, and I love you, and I want Hot Wheels, and a glowing buckysphere. I want pixter, and digi-draw, it doesn't need any batteries. And I hope you're doing good. And I wish you would bring my Daddy some presents, and my Mommy some presents, and jessica. I wish you would give Tesla some presents, and I want Hot Wheels, and I want a Fire Truck, and a Harley Davidson Motorcycle. I want an Aquadoodle, and a wiggles dance mat. I want a Little Tykes Hummer, a v-smile video game, and a Crayola Trace and Draw Projector. And the Play-doh Shrek Rotten Root Canal Play set. I want the Hot Wheels Cyborg Assault track, and a Hot Wheels 20 care pack, and the Hot Wheels Tiki Torcher jungle track, and the Hot Wheels World Race movie DVD, and the Hot Wheels Rev-Ups Track, and the Hot Wheels Zero-G Track, and the Hot Wheels Fireball track, and the Hot Wheels Tech Trax Crash Chamber. I want Hot Wheels. We'll have chocolate chip cookies waiting for you, and you'll have to share them with your elves, and we'll have carrots for the reindeers, and we'll have a snack for you. I hope you have a good Christmas, and I hope someone gives you presents.

I love you,

Dyson felty


Pleass get me shlderpadse.



Dear Santa Claus

I wat a clickit and polly pocketses and a Art set and new PJes and a pink stockking, a scakbared, a baby that walks and talks, a careoke machine witt two mickphoones and a big Big BIG ball.

Sis -- a little trike, Mom -- sweet pea, Dad- tools set



Thank you

Dear Santa Clause --

I would like Nidikhi, Krekka, Toa Tahu or any Bionicle stuff in general. Also, I would love Snap Circuits Pro and a Marble Track set. I've been very good and if I can't have all these things, I won't be upset, I promise.

Signed before this day Dec. 18, 2004

Zachary J.

Dear Santa,

My name is Mariah and I have five years old. I would like some Barbies, makeup and clothes.

I love you.

Mariah Dohle

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