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December 29, 2004

A proud and happy grandpa shares this with us this morning. Little, Johnnie, so excited with his new wristwatch (a recent birthday gift), when he hears his grandpa say "Time sure flies these days."

The young lad replied, "Oh no! Grandpa, it just goes round and round, look you can even see it go round and round."

Aren't they both so right. Sometimes it even seems to just stand still. Stores were loaded with all of this nice warm fleecy fabric, the new fad long fringed scarves and hats to match. Warm fleecy stadium blankets of Chiefs fabrics a big hit, so easy to do. Just cut and blanket stitch around the sides. Comes in 60-inch widths with no raveling, just one turn if you want to hem it.

But oh do watch which way you run a pattern. The crosswise (or width) of the fabric does stretch more easily, and they don't all stretch the same. I found this beautiful border print, horses no less -- it's granddaughter Samantha's favorite. Unthinkingly I laid the pattern crosswise, that border of running horses galloping around the bottom of a bath robe.

"Oh she's going to love this," I'm thinking as I attached the collar.

I left it on a hanger overnight and by morning that thing had stretched down by just its own weight. It was 3 inches longer.

Of course I rushed right out and got another horse print and made another robe. Sure enough Dec. 18 at our early family Christmas party her older sister tried it on.

It was still growing longer! We all had a great laugh and decided to turn it into horse pillows.

You're never too old to learn. Oh I learn something new every day. We also love to hear also your experiences.

Thanks Grandpa, and little Johnnie I gotta agree with you little John, my time sometimes does just seem to go round and round. The whole day is gone and I don't seem to have accomplished much.

Have a great New Year. God bless our world.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086;

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