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Tonganoxie couple hoping to donate hay to feed buffalo

December 29, 2004

A Tonganoxie couple has some spare bales of hay. And they're hoping they can share it with the buffalo herd that lives just east of town.

Shelly McGhee and her fiance, Ken Borders, last week realized that about 10 large bales of hay on their rental property were going to go unused. That's because they're no longer raising cattle.

In recent weeks a buffalo herd, owned by Marc and Diane Thiry of Shawnee, made headlines when the animals repeatedly escaped through a broken fence and roamed their neighbors' property. The herd grazed on neighborhood lawns, and munched on bales of hay stored at a nearby farm. About two weeks ago, the fence was repaired and the buffalo since have been contained.

But McGhee and Borders, concerned about the buffalo's food needs during the wintertime, want to donate 10 large round bales of hay.

McGhee said the couple came up with the idea together.

"We both looked at each other at the same time," McGhee said. "I'd much rather have those guys be eating it instead of it just sitting there."

And, they both said they enjoy watching the herd.

"I just liked looking at them," Borders said.

In order to donate the hay, the couple needs to have permission from the owners. And, if they obtain permission, they'll need to help in transporting the bales of hay to the farm.

The Thirys and their attorney were unavailable by telephone.

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