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Silver Lake highlights teams to be at next year’s tournament

February 4, 2004

Only 349 days remain until the 46th annual Tonganoxie Invitational.

It's not as if the tournament is Christmas, but Tonganoxie High School athletics director Brandon Parker already has done some shopping.

Next year's tournament will feature a new face with Silver Lake joining the bracket for both the boys and girls tourneys.

That leaves two open spots on the girls side. Parker said last week that he hopes Eudora and Maur Hill-Mount Academy bring their girls teams. The schools' boys teams will compete.

"We would like to have eight schools with both teams," Parker said. "That's our goal."

This year, the first year of both boys and girls tournaments, Tonganoxie was near that number. Eudora and Maur Hill-Mount Academy brought only their boys teams, while Hogan Prep and Free State brought only their girls teams.

Other schools have shown interest in joining the tournament with both teams, including Atchison, which brought its boys team last year.

Parker would like the tournament to retain a regional flavor, although he isn't banning teams from outside the area.

"There's no particular radius," Parker said. "I'd like to keep it fairly local with about the same-sized schools.

"We can have a pretty competitive 3A and 4A tournament roughly."

Immaculata is a 2A school, but had been at 3A for some time before this year. The Imac boys won this year's Tonganoxie Invitational.

Teams already signed up to compete with both boys and girls teams next January are Immaculata, Jeff West, Lansing, Pleasant Ridge, Silver Lake and Tonganoxie.

Next year's tourney will be Jan. 17-22.

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