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Letters to the editor

Revamp road fee plan; Counting blessings

February 11, 2004


To the editor:

As a landowner and homeowner on a gravel road in Leavenworth County, I have some concerns about the proposed Off-Site Road Improvement Policy being decided upon by county commissioners next week.

My first is in regard to the intended effect of such a policy. Is it to shift the majority of development to existing highway locations where road maintenance costs are at a minimum and were paid for by all taxpayers. Or is the intent to improve the infrastructure of the county rock roads, or is it both?

According to the policy, the entire cost of road improvement on rock roads will be paid for by new construction, with a windfall of road improvement and increased property values for those of us who already live on rock roads.

The majority of construction in rural Leavenworth County is the 5- to 10-acre dream of country living and, in fact, zoning limits lot size to a minimum of 5 acres. The overall effect is a delay in the 5- to 10-acre dream due to increased up front costs of building.

Is it fair to place the entire burden of road improvement on new construction? Those of us who live on rock roads helped pay for the development of highways and existing paved roads within the county.

The policy as presented will, I believe, have a net effect of:

  • Shifting development to highway locations or out of the county.
    ¢ Some rock road improvement.
    ¢ Basic issue of road infrastructure and growth unchanged.

I applaud those who have worked to develop this policy and realize that the improvement of county roads is a critical issue. I feel that more consideration should be given to the distribution of costs and the details of implementation of the policy.

Mark Petersen,


To the editor:

While being part of the Sacred Heart third annual bingo fund-raiser, we took a moment to count our blessings and found it overwhelming.

We are surrounded by a community that gives so unselfishly of their time, generosity, and totally supports the youth in our area. The outpouring of donations, help and participation was incredible. Our thanks could never adequately express our gratitude for the response that made our fundraiser a huge success.

Not only will it financially help send young people to summer camp at Prairie Star Ranch for four to 10 days this summer, it also fulfills a dream for some that may not have been able to go without your support. By helping make this a reality for a group of grateful young people, you have given them the opportunity to strengthen faith with other young people and learn more about our amazing God.

Combine that with unbelievable extreme sports, and it makes an unforgettable life experience.

Thank you again for a fantastic evening of bingo fun!

Shari Petree, Jane Dent and the Sacred Heart Youth Group,

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