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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

February 27, 2004

Your closet probably contains several items of clothing too good to throw away that you might use for a clever recycling project -- by using just a bit of imagination and a little patience.

In the olden days, they found clever ways to use old neckties. They were cut into odd shaped pieces for patchwork quilts. However, the most popular use perhaps was to make them into pillows, wall hangings, belts, eyeglass cases and smaller ties for the little guys. Ties have changed in styles from very narrow to wide, from satins to silky knots and cottons and linens. Those wider linen ties are still sought after. They and the cottons were often ripped apart, pressed open then sewn together, wide points at the bottom to make clever aprons, even skirts and vests. So, if you have time on your hands these long winter evenings (this is certainly the season for them), start sorting, ripping, sewing and having fun. Make some surprise gifts for family and friends.

Now there's that circle skirt you haven't worn in ages -- it can quickly be remade and become your favorite slim line for yourself or one of the girls.

You saved those old woolen trousers and skirts to make an old-fashioned warm comforter perhaps. Now is a great time to start ripping. If you're never going to really make that old quilt, make that warm wool into lap robes for the nursing home.

Don't we all have projects stuck back, gonna' do later projects. Time flies quickly when we are busy so if you are bored with time on your hands, get busy.

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