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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

January 7, 2004

We women sometimes need a huge purse to carry our required "stuff" while men need only pockets.

Count those pockets and add up what he has on right now. I'm sure we can pile more weight in our one unit than they do in all of those pockets.

Ernie Miller has made good use of some of those cast-off jean pockets. His creation is a handy little tote bag or tool pouch, plus a carry-all for someone on crutches. I can also see a cute and clever little girl's purse using those same pockets. Each of these units has a total of five pockets.

To make this clever little item, cut across the jean leg two or three inches below where the inside of the right front pocket ends. Then, cut across from the side seem of the jeans leg to the zipper, up along the side of the zipper through the front waistband. Now, fold that cut section, cutting across it and across the back to the seat seam of the jeans, cutting up through the waistband. Don't forget to leave the belt loop intact. To finish the pouch, sew across the bottom up to the waistband. Ernie added a drawstring through the waistband.

He has the hip pocket and the jeans front pocket with its watch pocket. By sewing the leg shut he created a large center pocket.

Anyone on crutches also could use one by running a belt through the belt loops to carry extras -- no hands needed.

It also would make a neat novelty purse, adding one of the fad fringes or leather lanyard strings filled with beads, to the bottom, cut the bag three inches longer and fringe the denim itself. Make a shoulder strap from strips cut from the other leg. Make one for your daughter and you'll probably be making some for her friends.

Thanks, Ernie, for sharing and letting us use your novel ideas. Again, we can say "Old jeans never die."

-- Aunt Norie, PO Box 265 Tonganoxie, 66086-0265

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