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Remember When: A Community Review

January 7, 2004

10 years ago: Dec. 15, 1993

A young Tonganoxie woman may credit the use of her seat belt with saving her life following a two-vehicle accident Tuesday morning on the Tonganoxie curve of US 24-40. According to Leavenworth County Sheriff Deputy John Kirby, Emily Leinen, 18, was spared fatal injuries because she was wearing her seat belt when her car slid out of control (on the ice) and into the pathway of a semi-tractor trailer. (Picture)

Mr. and Mrs. Ed Seelbinder celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this past week. They celebrated with a week-long trip to Bermuda. (Picture)

(Picture) The Kansas Honey Producers began their honey queen program in 1964. On Oct. 22, they crowned a Tonganoxie woman to serve as the 30th Kansas Honey Queen. Tiffany Keithley, daughter of Bill and Patricia Keithley, was crowned at the Kansas Honey Producers fall convention in McPherson.

McLouth News: Joyce Dearing, Mr. and Mrs. Shane Wampler and Kurtis visited with Nellie Scott Monday. Kurtis arrived on Nov. 24 and he weighed 7 pounds.

Birth: David and Kim Johnson of Vinetta, Okla., announce the birth of their daughter, Megan Nicole on Nov. 24.

Deaths: Funeral services are pending at the Quisenberry Funeral Home for Wade Mitchell, 60, Houston, Texas, who died Monday; Irma Louise Bracewell, age 73, Tonganoxie, died Friday at her home.

25 years ago: Dec.r 13, 1978

Deaths: Mrs. Dorothy Louise Stolfus, 55, Bonner Springs, died Monday; Miss Minnie Mae Skaggs, 87, died Monday.

Birth: Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Haislip announce the birth of a daughter, Jessica Rose, on Dec. 10, 1987.

(Picture) Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Jones, Linwood, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary Dec. 17 at the United Methodist Church in Linwood. All friends and relatives are invited.

Reno News: Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Wedel attended the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Mick Ford, McLouth, at the Leavenworth Mutual building in Tonganoxie, on Sunday.

McLouth News: Mr. and Mrs. John MacWilliams of Santa Monica, Calif., announced the birth of a daughter, Lisa Michelle, Dec. 4.

Jarbalo Jottings: Kristina Marie Kern, great-granddaughter of Jesse Barnett, died Friday morning at the home of her parents, Jerome and Robin Kern, of Leavenworth.

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Mitchell attended the funeral of their cousin, Mrs. Ben Hicks, at Atchison on Wednesday.

Springdale News: Mr. and Mrs. Bill Haynes of Leavenworth are the parents of a boy, born Sunday morning.

50 years ago: Dec. 24, 1953

Mr. and Mrs. William Somers, Kansas City, announce the adoption of a daughter, 8 weeks old, to whom they have given the name Lee Ann.

The Weekly News Reel: A small boy who got an air gun has already shot out the eye of grandma's Plymouth Rock rooster.

Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McEnulty received word that their son R.E. McEnulty, EN3, was in a car accident and is in the Naval Hospital at San Diego.

Mr. and Mrs. Greever P. Allan of Arlington, Va., have arrived for a two-week holiday visit with Mr. Allan's father, W.C. Allan, and his sister, Mrs. George Lawrence, and family in Lawrence, and with Mrs. Allan's father, John Triggs of Valley Falls.

Births: Mr. and Mrs. H. Collins, of Tonganoxie, are the parents of a daughter, born December 16; Mr. and Mrs. James Garrison of Springfield, Mo., are the parents of a son, born Dec. 8, 1953. They have given him the name James Clark. Mrs. Garrison taught in the Tonganoxie grade school last year.

Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Mackey are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary on Dec. 24, 1953. All four daughters will be with their parents.

Don Elston, Dwane Torneden, Art Warren and Calvin Gallagher, all serving in the U.S. Navy, are spending their holiday leaves with their respective parents, families and friends. (Also listed were servicemen Roy Kraus, Don Day, Rex Lappin, and Bob Gallagher, all home on leave.)

75 years ago: Dec. 6, 1928

Stanwood: Mrs. S.W. McBroom entertained about 20 children at her home last Saturday afternoon, in honor of Lucille, Irene and Shirley Lambkin, who will leave soon for Duquoin, Ill., to make their home with their aunt, Mrs. Martha Actey.

Tonganoxie Rural High School News: Harry Skeets has completed a wagon box in the shop which cost him $18.20. Harry is using oil to preserve the box rather than paint it. This is probably not the best thing to do but oil is plentiful where they have a tractor so it is much cheaper.

Grade School News: Walter Wiley has entered the eighth grade making an enrollment of 20.

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Plummer, Perry, announce the birth of a son on Nov. 26. The baby has been given the name of Robert Eugene. Mrs. Plummer, before her marriage was Miss Dorothy McNerney, formerly of Tonganoxie; Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gruendel are the parents of a daughter, born Nov. 30. The baby has been given the name of Georgia Marie. Mrs. Gruendel, before her marriage, was Miss Georgia Casteel; Mr. and Mrs. Henry McGraw are the parents of a son born Dec. 3, 1928.

The Trinket Pie Social and program given Tuesday, Nov. 27 at Hawk Hollow by Miss Mary Lenahan and pupils was well-attended and the program was enjoyed by all. Mr. Walter Quisenberry won the box of cigars for the homeliest man and Elmo Blackwell held the lucky number for the box of candy.

100 years ago: Dec. 17, 1903

Easton has a new telephone exchange of 30 phones. The system is independent.

A new school district has been created in Easton township. It has been numbered 82.

The Friends Sunday school have a fireplace instead of the conventional Christmas tree next Thursday.

A regular evergreen and a live Santa Claus will be the Christmas observance at the Congregational Church next Thursday evening. The public is invited to participate in the exercises, and all are requested to bring their presents early.

Fairmount: Everybody has measles now, except those who are mean.

Fairmount: A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ferris Monday afternoon.

The Lansing teachers say there is no epidemic of itch in the school, and the papers say there is. To learn the exact truth is where the rub comes in.

Ice on Tonganoxie creek is from four to six and a half inches thick. Frank Lawrence is not quite ready to begin cutting ice and filling his ice house.

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