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Aunt Norie’s Sewing Room

January 15, 2004

Remember to close zippers before laundering to keep the zipper from spreading and to keep the zipper in shape, to protect the teeth of the zipper, and to lengthen the life of the zipper.

Keep threads trimmed away from a zipper, they can become caught and cause a zipper to jam.

If a zipper has jammed as when a raw edge of the fabric has caught in a zipper, try patiently to loosen it, to pick it out.

If the teeth are bent or if it pulls out you will need to replace the zipper.

Thread or fabric caught in a polyester coil zipper can be easily removed without damage to the zipper with this neat little trick: Fold the zipper over with right sides together, now pinch the coil and pull it apart, remove the thread or fabric and pull the slider down to the bottom stop, then up again to repair the zipper.

Keep on hand several packages of lightweight mending tape in various colors and widths, the tape is applied to the wrong side with a warm iron (follow the directions) it will stay on during laundering. A small snag or tear, if mended this way before laundering will not fray and will not even be visible.

Decorative embroidered appliques and patches can be pressed or sewn in place. Used with imagination to cover small holes or tears in a garment that still has lots of wear left in it.

If you haven't mastered that thimble, keep trying. Cut your thread on a slant -- it goes through the needle's eye so much easier.

Pass on those hugs now and have a great new year. Love and God Bless.

-- Aunt Norie

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