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Goebel finally back at home

January 22, 2004

Life is back to normal for Jeremy and Lisa Goebel.

After nearly a year in the Army Reserves, Jeremy made a permanent return to Tonganoxie on Jan. 10.

Lisa was excited to have her husband home, but the last week has been hectic. Whether Jeremy was wrapping up loose ends at the armory in Olathe or leading Tonganoxie High wrestling practice, Jeremy was on the go.

On Saturday, at the Randy Starcher Memorial Invitational in Tonganoxie, Jeremy's return finally sunk in for Lisa as the Tonganoxie coach barked instructions to his wrestlers on the mat.

"It was like he's really home," Lisa said. "It was exciting to see him out there again, seeing him there doing what he loves to do."

Jeremy also teaches physical education at Tonganoxie Elementary School, and he returned to classes there on Tuesday.

¢ THS wrestling coach Jeremy Goebel returned Jan. 10 to Tonganoxie after being stationed in North Carolina as part of active duty with the Army Reserves.

¢ Goebel was greeted by Tonganoxie Elementary students for the first time Tuesday when he returned to TES to instruct physical education classes.

¢ Jeremy will be busy with wrestling in the next two months, but he also will be making preparations for fatherhood -- Lisa and Jeremy are expecting their first child March 31.

Around Christmas the Goebels were informed that Jeremy, who was stationed in North Carolina, likely would return in early January.

Lisa visited her husband during Christmas and made other trips to the east coast.

"I hated going out there because I hated flying by myself," Lisa said. "It's scary."

Well, actually, Lisa wasn't flying by herself.

An August visit to the doctor resulted in major news for the Goebels -- the couple's first child is due March 31.

"The first thing I thought about was him winning a state championship," the expectant father said.

And Goebel said that was dream -- regardless of the child's sex.

But with a disapproving Lisa nearby, Jeremy amended his answer.

"She'll be on Parker's volleyball team," Jeremy said, referring to THS athletics director Brandon Parker, who assists his wife in coaching the Chieftain volleyball squad.

Regardless of the child's sporting future, the Goebels are excited about their growing family.

"I want to have a big family," Jeremy said. "I'm around kids every day.

"If I want to have kids after I teach 250 of them, I know that I'll love them. It's going to be awesome."

In the meantime, Jeremy will look after his many "kids" at the Tonganoxie Elementary School. His students greeted him Tuesday at the school for the first time since he bid them farewell last Feb. 5.

Serving in the military provided Goebel with a new perspective.

"It makes me feel thankful for everything I have," he said. "Everything I left back here I have it all again. But it made me that much more appreciative of everything I have, especially my job and my family."

Lisa hopes to have a reception celebrating Jeremy's return, but she doesn't know whether that will become a reality.

"I want to, I don't know when or if it will happen," Lisa said. "With wrestling, we're just so busy."

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