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Letters: ‘Free’ comes at a price; A great way to start the year

January 22, 2004

'Free' comes at a price

To the editor:

Many newspapers include ads for dogs and cats who are "Free To Good Home."

A lot of people have probably never heard of Bunchers. These are people who search out ads just like these. A Buncher will answer the ad only to then sell the animal to a Class B Licensed Dealer for a fee. Class B dealers usually house the animals that are accumulated in some type of kennel-like facility. Here the dogs and cats are practically crammed in on top of one another, in extreme cold or heat, and otherwise not cared for. Eventually the animals are shipped to research laboratories or universities to be experimented on for the rest of their lives. The Class B dealer is paid a substantial amount of money for this service.

Instead of offering animals to the public for free, a person should always charge an adoption fee. Paying for dogs and cats would be less appealing to Bunchers, because the whole point for them is to make a profit.

Or better yet, help do your part in ending the pet overpopulation crisis and have your pets spayed or neutered instead.

If someone is interested in learning more on this subject they can visit online at This is an excellent source for facts and information.

Kris Taylor,

A great way to start the year

To the editor:

Thanks to all of you who helped make our first annual New Year's Day Biscuit and Gravy Breakfast so successful. We appreciate you.

Same time next year.

Jean Henson and Fran Marquardt,
Ladies Auxiliary VFW Tonganoxie Post 9271.

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