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Shouts and Murmurs

See you at the theater this week

July 7, 2004

Mark your calendars to attend this week's performance of "The Odd Couple."

The Tonganoxie Community Theatre's productions are set to begin at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday in the high school auditorium.

The play is a revival of the local community theater, which hasn't been heard from in at least four years. Although a $5 admission will be charged, the play is primarily being funded through a work study program with the Kansas Department of Human Resources.

And, it incorporates not just the expected adult members of the community, but also students who are in the play, as well as those who have spent the summer preparing for the play.

The sets were built and painted by about 18 students, who handled everything from marketing to stage props.

The students are paid for their work, and they're learning in the process. Along with the actual work of preparing for the play, they've spent an equal amount of time in the classroom.

THS John Robison heads up the production and teachers Steve Harrell and Chris Delay are instructing students on all aspects of producing a play.

The cast includes Delay as Felix Ungar and Harrell as Oscar Madison. Other teachers who will perform in the play include Jenna Delay, Scott Smith and Robison. Other actors are Jodi Bowersox, Kevin Bowersox, Eli Jones, Garrett Kelly and Brandon Stevens.

In recent years, high-quality dramatics have been performed at Tonganoxie High School, under the direction of Steve Harrell and other faculty members.

It will be interesting this time, to see Harrell and the other faculty members on stage.

Let's all get out and support this event.

It not only provides entertainment to enrich the community, but also gives students who may not otherwise have been involved a chance to help.

I hope to see you there.


About a year ago, The Mirror ran a story about how great the corn crop was looking. "The best ever" was how one person put it. Then just a couple weeks later the crop went south. Remember the corn's white stalks last July when the heat climbed and precipitation stopped?

It wasn't any better in October when the moldy plants temporarily painted combines black and dismal corn yields were trucked to the elevators. In the annals of agriculture, things weren't looking so good.

Caroline and I have talked about writing an ag update, but frankly we're trying to do our best not to brag too soon and jinx the situation.

We may be a community rapidly changing from rural to urban, but in our hearts we're still country. And in the country, whether you farm or not, you care about the crops.


So many people have asked about the little alley cat found behind our office. She's adapting well to the life of a leisurely housecat and likely more fortunate than she'll ever know. Thanks for your concern.

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