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Remember when: A community review

July 21, 2004

10 years ago: July 6. 1994

Storm wreaks havoc, 60-80 mph winds, lightning, cause more than $250,000 in property damage. Mother Nature let loose with some fireworks of her own over the Fourth of July weekend, causing extensive damage to area public and private property.

(Picture) Tonganoxie Troop 357 recently took a trip to Colorado where they participated in several outdoor activities. Mountains, ground squirrels, and freezing water were some of the things that made this summer's Scout Camp memorable for the Tonganoxie Troop 357, which left June 18 for the Ben Delatour Scout Camp at Red Feather Lakes, Colo.

Birth: Ted and Kris Grinter announce the birth of Sidney Joelle Grinter, June 29, 1994.

Death: Louis Francis Atchison, age 72, died June 28, 1994.

Patricia Anton has just returned from Waterloo, Iowa, where she spent one intensive week of study under the direction of Leonard Levy, nationally known educator of Portrait Photography.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Turner attended the Kimmel reunion Saturday, June 18 and Sunday, June 19. There were about 60 in attendance, enjoying the time together, taking pictures and reminiscing. Memorial services were held for those who have passed since their last reunion.

25 years ago: July 4, 1979

(Picture) Jennifer Hallenbeck, Tonganoxie, received the "40 and 8" annual nurses scholarship from the American Legion in Leavenworth last week. Miss Hallenbeck will be a senior nursing student this fall at Stormont-Vail in Topeka.

Obituary: Mrs. Anna Ella Henry, 54, Tonganoxie, passed away June 28, 1979.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gallagher received word of the birth of their first great-grandchild. A daughter, Maegan Leigh, was born to Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Tambke of Jefferson City, Mo., on July 2, 1979. Mrs. Tambke is the former Jeanne Gallagher.

Basehor News: Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Florence, Edwardsville, announce the birth of a son, Dustin Matthew, on March 13, 1979

Springdale News, by Mrs. Raymond Zimmerman: I have received word of the death of my cousin, Mrs. Elinore Shockley Udell of Riverside, Calif., Saturday morning.

Mr. and Mrs. John Lenahan celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary by taking a train trip via Amtrak to Colorado. They were accompanied by their daughter, Angela.

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Erb hosted a family reunion and dinner Sunday at their home.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kasper of Buena Vista, Colo., will arrive next week to be the new minister at the First Congregational Church in Tonganoxie. They will live in the parsonage next to the church and his first Sunday service will be July 15. Rev. Kasper has been the pastor of the United Church of Christ in Buena Vista for the past 14 years.

50 years ago: July 22, 1954

Deaths: Graveside services for Luke Finn, who passed away July 19, 1954, in Parsons, at age 63, were held Thursday; graveside services were July 20, 1954, at Hubbel Hill Cemetery for Lou Meyerott, who passed away July 16, 1954; Lawrence Stoneking, age 72, Tonganoxie, passed away July 21, 1954; Thomas Connor Butler, 65, Kansas City, died Wednesday; Ezra W. Freeman, born Nov. 25, 1874, at the home where he resided at the time of his death, passed away July 19, 1954. He was 79 years, 7 months, and 25 days old.

Jarbalo: Friends and relatives in this locality attended the funeral services of Alice Berger at the Davis Funeral Home in Leavenworth Thursday afternoon.

Jarbalo: Mr. and Mrs. John Francis Brune, Portland, Ore., announce the birth of a daughter, Tracy Faye, on July 5, 1954.

Linwood: Charles Collins, age 79, died Sunday, July 18, 1954.

Store windows and telephone poles are covered up with candidate posters. One way to waste them is to tack them on Tonganoxie White Way poles. Fred Del Bondio methodically takes them down as they are put up, without respect to party or good looks.

75 years ago: June 27, 1929

Ahem, It's Just Another Flood: FOURTH FLOOD THIS YEAR: Heavy Rains Again Deluge The Stranger Valley, and Creek Spreads Out Of Bounds. It appears Big Stranger Creek is trying for an all-time flood record this spring. The heavy downpour Saturday and Sunday again slowly brought the stream out of its banks, and Sunday it was performing with all its accustomed glee.

Tom Hannigan, of Kansas City, Mo., was drowned Friday night near Lexington, Mo., where he had gone fishing. He couldn't swim, and the one member of the party to drown when the boat became overloaded and sank. Hannigan was a ball player at one time, played here many times. All the old baseball boys remember him.

Tuesday morning, in front of Zellners, two cars crashed. A tourist car came through town and the Star Creamery truck had been parked in front of Zellners and was just starting up. The tourist car hit the truck, driven by John Christensen on the front fender, denting it somewhat. A kid was driving the tourist Cadillac car and they appeared fortunate that only a small damage was done. The tourists paid for the damage and continued on their way.

Reno: Mrs. C.W. Hemphill's mother, Mrs. Margaret McCleary, passed away at one o'clock on Friday morning at the home of Mrs. Hemphill in Lawrence.

When the boys at the Jewett drugstore were unpacking a shipment of Franklin ice cream Tuesday morning they observed a small cake of some substance that looked like paraffin lying on top of the lid of the can. They threw this off on the floor and were amazed to see it begin to smoke. Meantime they had found the ice cream packed contained no ice, yet the lid was frozen on so tight they had to get a hammer to knock it off. The ice cream inside the packer was frozen so hard they could not dip it when they brought it up to the fountain. (It was dry ice, a new invention that it is believed will revolutionize the ice cream industry.)

100 years ago: July 7, 1904

Jesse Cook, son of Lindley Cook and youngest brother of Ev, Perl, and Charlie Cook, has in all probability been lost at sea. The last heard from him was Sept. 21, last year. He then wrote from the British steamer Martaban near Anjer, Island of Java, and the steamer has never been heard from again. Inquiry of the U.S. consul at Barbados a few weeks ago, and a high shipping authority of New York reveals that the Martaban has been given up as lost. Jesse Cook was 22 or 23 years of age, his birthplace being Tonganoxie.

Clarence Gruver manufactured a cannon for celebration purposes and tried it early Monday morning. An overdose of powder blew it to pieces, but none of the fragments hit anybody.

A lady roomer at the home of Mrs. Myers struck a match Saturday about ten o'clock and accidentally set a lace curtain on fire. The curtain was destroyed and the fire spread to a rug and carpet. Mrs. Myers estimates her loss at $75. Neither the woman nor her husband offered to pay the damage but left town at once.

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