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Aunt Norie’s sewing room

July 28, 2004

Tammy writes: Her son just ruined his favorite T-shirt, the damage being on the back. She wants ideas for saving the shirt. We will appreciate any and all ideas.

To answer your question, Tammy, about the neck if you make a pillow. If you insert an oval shaped piece into the neck opening, that may be the answer.

Over the years we've had ideas for those special souvenir shirts and garments. Framed for wall hangings, attached to comforter tops, sewn onto the back of a vest, the designs actually cut out and sew together for quilt tops. Many warm cuddly blankets and quilts have been created from small children's cute shirts just by cutting the fronts into squares and sewing them together. One can even collect items from garage sales for just such a project.

I'm sure there are many other ideas out there so, if you will please take the time to send them in we'll be happy to share them.

We had one lady who took plastic souvenir shopping bags, sewing them over cloth, then making rainwear jackets out of them, they were very clever and very serviceable she said. Her family saved them from vacation trips, other family members also saved them from trips to far off places, she made rain capes and jackets for them.

Stay happy now and don't forget to pass on those hugs, we all need them. Until next week.

-- Aunt Norie, P.O. Box 265, Tonganoxie 66086,

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